We all knew it was opening, we all knew when it would close, most of us felt we were not going to sign anyone and every hour today makes that more likely. We have been here before , we most likely would be next summer and the next and the one after that as long as Wenger is in charge. The club is on stable financial footing largely to the way we run the club and Wenger’s ability to get the best deals possible whether he is trying to buy or selling. The amount of money Wenger has made from players sales compared to the amounts he purchased these players I am pretty certain will not be bettered by any other club in England.

Today however, the question is why we always get to this point where Arsenal fans would have to keep Vigil with the guys at Sky Sports and refresh timelines endlessly every deadline day waiting for the manager to fill a need at the club. ‘A NEED’ being the key word in that sentence as we are not going for a fancy player to join our ranks or a squad player to give us depth in a team, we actually need a player to fill a specific role that is evident for all to see.

We all knew we needed a striker last summer as we had just Giroud, we went back and forth on the subject of signing one and ended up getting none. On deadline day we decided to go for Demba Ba and for reasons best known to that Hypocrite at Chelsea he refused to sanction the deal, this deal was still on the cards even after we had gotten Ozil so the manager knew that he needed to fill that position and Ozil’s signing as good as it was wasn’t a replacement for a striking need.

At that time we had Podolski and Theo all ready to begin the season and we were still in for a striker so the idea that Podli and Theo before he got injured could fill that position and hence the need to sign a striker during this window was not as important anymore is a farce. We have seen that Podli is not at his best when he leads the line and we now have Theo out through injury for the rest of the season. From whichever angle you choose to look at it we lost a player who gave us 20 goals last season, we have a Podolski that the manager doesn’t seem to trust enough and still yet we are unable to sign a striker to fill the void. Unable being another keyword as even now we have been linked with strikers and haven’t signed anyone? Is it from a lack of ability from our negotiators or just from apathy by the manager who has to sanction every transfer decision?

The manager might not envy the Manchester City squad but the rest of the league does and their current form I believe is not unconnected with the manner in which they handled their transfer business last summer. City signed all their players so early and swiftly by the time the window was ending you would struggle to remember they were summer signings? Of course the new players took time to bed in and it resulted in defeats on their travels but we can now see what getting players in early and they in turn adjusting to the league can do to a team. We are sharing goals very well across our team but just look at the stats posted by City strikers and Yaya

Player CL FA LG LC Total
1  Sergio Agüero 6 4 15 1 26
2  Álvaro Negredo 5 3 9 6 23
3  Edin Dzeko 2 2 7 6 17
4  Yaya Touré 1 0 12 2 15

Arsenal scorers chart.

Player CL FA LG LC Total
1  Olivier Giroud 2 1 10 0 14
2  Aaron Ramsey 2 0 8 0 13
3  Santiago Cazorla 0 2 4 0 6
3  Theo Walcott 1 0 5 0 6

In truth we might be competing with the might of a country but Arsenal fans are not asking for 3 huge signings, just get a striker that can complement Giroud and in whatever bracket the player comes in as long as it’s the quality that can give everyone a lift like Ozil did he would be welcomed.

The club really needs to fine tune the way it approaches transfers, I don’t want to believe we lack good negotiators at the club and the perpetual attitude of leaving everything till deadline day might be good for all the buzz and TV but it hurts the team and those players take a longer time to settle. A player we sign today do we really expect anything from him in February especially if he is coming from a different league?

Let’s see how it goes…..if you like Podcasts the guys at The Bergkamp Wonderland would be having deadline day pods through out today and you can follow the discussion here http://www.abergkampwonderland.co.uk/

Have a nice deadline day folks…cheers!!

Follow us on Twitter  @canoncrested, not a big fan of deadline day so I’ll be watching a  marathon of Homeland tonight, refresh the www.mirror.co.uk/football tomorrow and see if we have done any deals.