The truth is that something had to give. The state of transfers in and out of the club certainly needed better handling and while Dick can take credit for bringing us Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez, too many other things have gone wrong. Listening to David Ornstein on Arseblog’s podcast during the week gave me less confidence in the ability of Dick and his team.

Ignoring how difficult it is for us to get signings that we crave, part of the problem is how cheaply we sell players leaving the club. Bar Oxlade Chamberlain, the amount of money we sold Woijiech and Gibbs for were abysmal. The handling of the Lucas Perez situation as well which ended up as a loan rather than an outright sale is also an indication of poor negotiating especially when we had almost all summer to do it. We are in a situation where the market pays a different price for Arsenal players and a different price for players from other clubs with similar abilities.

David also stated on the pod that our negotiating team is really lean and hopefully Dick’s exit creates a scenario wherein a properly staffed transfer handling department is set up. The club has already appointed Team Sky legal and commercial expert Huss Fahmy to work on player contracts. While he obviously needs time to bed in, it is important he uses the January transfer window to clear out as much deadwood in the team and open communication channels with clubs for replacements for Sanchez and Mesut Ozil.

Too many things in Arsenal remain traditional from an era when football was less of a business, a case in point is the lack of a Director of Football. Hopefully, Dick’s departure is an opening for change needed to transform this club. A change desperately needed if we are ever going to compete at the level most Arsenal fans think we should be.

Best wishes to Dick Law and his family on all their future endeavours.