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  Nights ends. Hopes empty in delight.
  Prophecies fade. Faiths vanish into sight.
  Beautiful stars go; in the wake of the sun.
  But love once grown; blossoms and lives strong.

  Love moves mortals and immortals, but itself is stone.
  And do show the things for which it is most known.
  The basest Jewel will be very well esteemed.,
  By power of love; and for love things deemed.

  If life is free of all that is lovely.
  It would have been sordid and steely.
  No hammer and anvil would long to meet.
  And find an ecstasy between them complete.

  By love, mortals to earthly set-ups mingle.
  As for I, is Arsenal; two firmed as single.
  Thy love thou suppliest me to water and nurse.
  As thou being mine; MY LOVE IS YOURS!

Akinboboye Emmanuel.

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