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Gutted, pained, hurt adjectives that describe how I felt last night. How could this happen!! Honk Honk!!! Depressing my car horn sporadically trying to get home to watch the game. Ever being stuck in traffic on Third Mainland Bridge in Lagos, Nigeria? Trust me, it’s one of our tourist attractions. I missed the game.

You know how you build yourself up for a game so much all day and then something happens and you miss it. That feeling like the whole universe is against you. How could I have missed our first Champions League game of the season? Good news is that we won, three crucial points away in a tough group. I caught the highlights of the game and boy what a goal from Theo opening his scoring account for the season and Aaron Ramsey seems he is gunning for a back to back player of the month award. We would soon run out of adjectives to describe what a talent he has become.

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I don’t feel I can do a game review for a match I didn’t watch so you can catch an excellent one on . He does it excellently anyways. Did you see Jurgen Klopp last night before he got sent to the stands? My lord, there is nothing more scary and funny and the same time. Hopefully we would make him that mad again when we visit in a few weeks.


All in all it was a great night in France and we intend to keep this run in the team with a win at home to Stoke this weekend. We have a simple Arsenal poll here and would love you to participate and share with friends.

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Thanks for taking the poll. Kindly share with fellow gooners. Have yourself a great day.

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