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We live for nights like this, I’ve always wondered how it felt to be a player walking out of the tunnel to the sound of the Champions league anthem……take a moment, pause……now wonder with me!!! …….there has to very few things in life that would be better than that. Its nights like this that make players like Arteta take pay cuts to join Champions League clubs or players like Suarez threaten to quit their mid table teams all summer. Players live for nights like this, but so do fans like us too.

Arsenal are on another level now, playing awesome football and scoring beautiful goals, some pundits like to think that all this is due to a run of easy games quickly dismissing the awesome display against Napoli so this game against Dortmund is just the kind of test the team needs not only to show everyone how good they are, but also to prove to themselves they have earned the right to play on nights like this. The maximum amount of points you can get from a game is 3points but the knock on effects of victories like this is way more than points, the believe system that runs through the blood of the club would have a huge effect on games to come. We need no further proof to this fact than our form since we beat Bayern Munich in Munich, it’s like we became born again. We have never been the same.

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Dortmund are an awesome team, there is nothing to hate about this team, somehow I always find something to hate about any team we play, don’t know if it’s a right attitude but it gives me an extra bite during the game. What is there not to like about Dortmund, they play lovely football, they have some of the most vociferous fans, they have an awesome ground, I am big on sustainability so I love clubs that live within their means and they have a very good coach.


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The biggest news from the Arsenal camp is Flamini will be missing, his effect on the team’s performance since joining has been top drawer and his departure at the weekend was evident immediately as Norwich had a spell of possession which they could have done damage from. The team would have to learn to cope without him. This means we have an extra spot in midfield to fill and I would expect a midfield three of Arteta, Ozil and Ramsey.  Jack started out on the right against Norwich and it would be interesting to see who starts out there against Dortmund. Rosicky maybe? With the form we are showing I am really not bothered as the quality will come through irrespective of who starts.

The manager feels the job is 80% done should we win this game, I think he is being modest. Qualification is 100% in my opinion should we win and the remainder of the games would just be to determine if we qualify first or second and we would be expected to beat Marseille at home anyways.

“It is not a decider, but it is an important one, It is an 80 per cent game for me, for the qualifier. If we win the game and we win the other home game, we know we are there “ – Wenger



This has to be one of the best midfield battles you would ever see, the Dortmund team even after losing Gotze still possess enormous quality with players such as Reus, Sven Bender, Gundogan, Sahin,  Henrikh Mkhitaryan , top quality midfielders dedicated to doing their tasks effectively and have the ability either to keep the ball with loads of possession or allow their opponents have it and hit them with strong counters. A tactic Arsenal seems to possess also now.


Reus is the standout player in midfield and his intelligent runs will worry our midfield , he has scored 5 goals and made 3 assists for his team this season already and is one we must pay attention to as we did to Hamsik against Napoli. Lewandoski might have his eyes out of the club already but this has not hampered his performance as he currently has 6goals and 2 assists to his name.  Koscienly and Per would have to pay attention as his abilities need no further discussion.

Gundogan is out of this match due to injury but the key battle I would be watching will be Bender on Ozil . Four interceptions and eight tackles against Hannover at the weekend was a dress rehearsal to what he would face against Ozil. In his own words

“Generally speaking I get kicks out of playing such world class players. Those are real challenges, which are great fun for me,””But Mesut is so outstanding, I will not be able to stop him on my own.”He’s got such an individual class, that I under guarantee will not win every one-on-one situation. We can only successfully stop him, if we double him and close the door for his passes.”

This sure would be the standout game of the night and we all can’t wait to see the outcome. It’s on nights like this teams are defined and it’s for nights like this we love The Arsenal.


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