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Gooners : Fans or Football Accountants

Resident Blogger : Simon Itodo     A friend of mine told me on Sunday that Arsenal fans aren’t football fans, we are accounting fans. And it’s true. As a club, we are far too fascinated with the balance sheet, “paying fair value”, and other non-football related crap. And by “club” I mean both fans and management. we use balance sheets as the new trophies.   BANG!! Pls don’t shoot! Here’s my hands, am raising them up slowly!! You can place your cuffs, straight to court, no need for my wife to post bail….judgment! AM GUILTY! Yes I...

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Fan of The Week : Chy Ugwudike @Haunter_

  Welcome to our Fanzone page…A page totally dedicated to Gooners worldwide, as a culture at CanonCrested we are fans like you ansd would celebrate one gooner every week on this page…Here goes, meet our very first CanonCrested Arsenal Fan…and its a lady…we gender friendly yea??? Fan Profile My name is Chy Ugwudike, I’m 25, a geology graduate from the University of Benin. Presently based in Jos. Love reading, looking for trouble and hanging out. My best food is Dodo and egg stew. Q and A          Q. When did you start supporting the club?          A.   started in...

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Football Started in 2005

Resident Blogger :Obinna Nwaolikpe @theOHbee Disclaimer: if you don’t speak sarcasm, you hit the wrong link and therefore are on a wrong page. We have suffered. Gooners around the world, we have suffered. The ones in my country, Nigeria, can’t get a break. Since football was invented,2005, their favourite team has won nothing. They have been teased from every corner and in every manner. From the ‘your-team-cant-win-a-teacup gibe’ to the more graphic empty trophy cabinet pictures. The more insecure of them question why they indeed are Gooners. What was the attraction to support Arsenal. How could they be proud...

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