Football Started in 2005

Football Started in 2005
Resident Blogger :Obinna Nwaolikpe @theOHbee
Disclaimer: if you don’t speak sarcasm, you hit the wrong link and therefore are on a wrong page.
We have suffered. Gooners around the world, we have suffered. The ones in my country, Nigeria, can’t get a break. Since football was invented,2005, their favourite team has won nothing. They have been teased from every corner and in every manner. From the ‘your-team-cant-win-a-teacup gibe’ to the more graphic empty trophy cabinet pictures.
empty trophy
The more insecure of them question why they indeed are Gooners. What was the attraction to support Arsenal. How could they be proud of supporting a football club that has won nothing since the inception of football? So, they walk around with a dejected look permanently on their faces unable to put up responses to banter from supporters of more successful clubs like Wigan, Spurs, Birmingham, Man City, etc, you know, the clubs that have actually won a trophy(since the inception of football) and hence are enjoying success. The mockery of 4th place being our only trophy gets old but never dies.
All we need is our beloved Arsenal to deliver us from this unsavoury plight. Win one damn trophy, if only, so we have something to look at in our bare trophy cabinet because looking at the things we won before football started is so exhausting. The 13 league titles, 10 FA Cups, 2 league cups, 12 Community Shields, 1 European Cup Winners’ Cup now bore us. We would rather have won one thing in the last 8 years than have such successful history only bettered by Manchester Utd’s and Liverpool’s. Infact, we would rather be Spurs. Sorry, I meant Wigan, FA Cup holders and currently the alpha male in the league… Idiots!!
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  1. simon

    awesome stuff

  2. Abiodun

    Nice stuff, Obinna. I secretly like Arsenal and have a soft spot for them…only when they are not upsetting Manchester United’s chances of finishing top of the table, which has stopped since football started in 2005. Lol.

    I agree that pedigree has a lot to do with how teams are regarded and it is for that fact that Arsenal is still ranked ahead of clubs like Chelsea (even though they have won a Champions League and Arsenal hasn’t), Spurs and Wigan.

    But let’s use Liverpool and Manchester United as examples. Before Manchester United won the league in the 2008/2009 season, Liverpool was the all-time top flight title winners with 18 premiership titles. 4 years later, the Reds have matched and surpassed that record with 20 league titles (with no little contribution from Robin Van 20 – thanks Arsene!). We now speak of Liverpool in the past tense and they are regarded as “that club that used to…”.

    Before we were born, Everton was a top flight club. They won 9 Division 1 titles – the last one was in 1987. They also have 5 FA Cup trophies, 1 European Cup Winners Cup and even topped the Division 2 in the season after they were relegated. In 1987, Arsenal had not won up to 9 League titles and thus, it would be correct to state that Everton was a bigger club back then. Fast forward 2 decades and a half later, Everton is nowhere near Arsenal in terms of class or pedigree.

    My point, as a secret admirer of Arsenal FC, is that if something drastic is not done about the football department of this FOOTBALL club, some 2 decades and a half down the line, when we are past 50, you may have to describe Arsenal to your grand kids because no such team exists in the top flight – and it is not because there was a change of name.

    Usually, some other person will start to tell you how to prevent this from happening but “what is my consign?” I don talk my own. Au revoir.

    *watching Van Persie’s freekick against Man City again* Once again, thank you very much, Arsene Wenger. May the good Lord continue to drop footballing reasons in your heart. AKB for life!

  3. Obi

    I agree with you. I also believe that the house is being put in order. it takes a lot more than 8 years to disappear into irrelevance. Arsenal will do well to stop short of achieving that. Thanks


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