Howdy, thank you for visiting, let’s see how much of my joy I can get in to this post in 30minutes. What I am not joyful for however is this mild headache I currently have. I woke up with it so certainly it has nothing to do with how much time I have got to write this before work kicks in. It surely I presume has everything to do with the result yesterday.

This is somewhat ironic isn’t it? Arsenal finally got round to starting their champions league season with a top drawer win over the most in form team on the planet and I have a headache on the back of it. I think it has to do with the number of times my body switched emotions in the last 18 hours.

First from a deep sense of worry before the game kicked off, then an even deeper sense of fear when the game kicked off and Lewandoski made that run almost in the first 2 minutes of the game, then a 20 minutes spell of high blood pressure inducing tension when Bayern would not even let us have the ball, then to glimmers of expectation when Theo, Ozil and Sanchez combined to miss chances in the first half, then a temporary state of rest at half time, then a rush of joy when Giroud’s goal went in, then constant reminders from the Devil how many times Arsenal have lost games of this nature after we took the lead, then perpetually praying and watching the clock for the game to end, THEN IT STARTED RAINING AND CABLE TV WENT OFF WITH 4 MINUTES LEFT!!!!

My goodness, all I had was my tweetdeck timeline to keep me up to date with events, and Lord knows there are two times you should never rely on twitter for any football update.

  • When Arsenal is one goal up against Bayern Munich with 4 minutes to go.
  • Penalty shoot outs

My nerves were all over the place, at first all I could see were several tweets of “KOS THE BOSS”, “KOS SAVED US”, “KOSCIENLY –HERO” etc, till now, I haven’t seen what KOS did and then a flurry of GOAAAAAL, NOOOOOOOOOO, OZILLLLLL, “HOW DID THAT NOT GO IN” ,GOAAAAAALLLLLLL, GOOOOAAALLLLLL!!!, 2-0 . I went beserk. What the fuck is this? How did we move from Goal , to no goal, to How did that not go in to Goal all in less than 5secs. Oh well, finally I saw the goal and it was a decision that would make Platini have something to smile about this week as one of his usually useless officials on the line finally made a decision that was worth the time all goal line referees have spent on the football pitch.  I finally got to sleep at almost 1am and as usual I wake up at 4.50am to beat Lagos traffic. I certainly do not need a doctor to tell me why I have this headache.

Do you know you have just spent maybe 2 minutes of your time, reading 5 paragraphs, 519 words on why some random guy has a headache? Haha

To be honest, it was a great victory against a great team. Reminiscing on events yesterday as I tried to fall asleep, I remembered we beat a Manager who wrote about how to beat Arsenal in a book.  Pep Confidential: The Inside Story of Pep Guardiola’s First Season at Bayern MunichGiving every coach in the world a personalized Per Guardiaola Match Plan on how to defeat the Gunners. See excerpts below

“We know that [Lukasz] Fabianski almost always sends the ball to his right,” Carles Planchart, one of Guardiola’s scouts and tactical analysts, says. “If it reaches Olivier Giroud it’s so that he can chest it down and hold it up. If he puts it to Bacary Sagna it’s to make our full-back push up towards him and Sagna will try to head the ball onwards and into the space behind our full-back.”

And on Monday evening they go over and over the way to defend against these Arsenal goal-kicks, with goalkeeper Manuel Neuer in the role of Fabianski. For 20 minutes, Dante and Bastian Schweinsteiger are busy marking Claudio Pizarro, who acts as Giroud, and David Alaba tries to perfect the way to close down Sagna, whose role is taken by Rafinha.

Click here to read a serialization of the book on The Telegraph

Pep is a great manager and he would be first out of the hat if anyone was to replace Arsene Wenger at Arsenal. A lot of the football they played yesterday was amazing, the control they had, the quality of their passing, the way players drop deep to cover for their full backs once they bomb forward is nearly machine like and amazing but yesterday belonged to Arsene Wenger and his boys. We had the German efficiency, with massive doses of English spirit and Wenger’s heart.

I was speaking to my friend @Kneeyie after the game and we both agreed this performance was similar to the win over Manchester City away last season.  Let them have the ball, ensure you keep your shape and take your chances when they come. What is even more beautiful about Arsenal now is looking at the last three games we have played. Three games won, completely different approaches to how we won them, 8 goals scored, 4 different goal scorers, no goals conceded. That my friends has all the sprinkling of a well drilled side determined to grind out excellent results.

Ensuring this run continues I believe is Wenger’s top priority for us going into the coming months. All the players on the pitch yesterday played with a high sense of awareness of what the task in front of them meant and it is hard to pick out standout performers, but whatever you do today, take a moment to appreciate:

Petr Cech

What a signing, my goodness.  You can feel the confidence he brings to the team just from watching the game, certainly the Vice Captain’s arm band has to go to him once Arteta leaves next season. What I love the most about Cech is that he makes saves you would naturally excuse him for if the ball went in. What a player.

The “Coq-Belle-Real” triangle.

You would have to put a gun to my head for me to accept there is any U-20 player better than Bellerin anywhere in Europe right now. What a player he is turning out to be. The key world in the last statement is “is”. The dude is barely 20 and is playing with a maturity far beyond his years, best years I believe are still ahead.

Nacho on the other hand has to be the most underrated player in World Football. Sometimes as a manager you just want a player you know who can guarantee you a constant performance. Nacho is that guy.

Francis Coquelin – No words, No words my friends.

And no words has more to do with how awed I am every time I watch him rather than the fact that I have absolutely no more minutes to keep writing this. Forgive any typos, duty calls.

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