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You know how they say you can never lie to yourself, they were wrong. You can tell yourself something over and over for decades and the truth gets lost in the lie and then you don’t know what the real truth is anymore and then the lie becomes the acceptable truth…did that even make sense? Oh well! That’s the state I am in.

So I was trying to login to an online portal where I shop for stuff the other day with Mrs. Canon sitting next to me and I got a notification saying my password had expired so I needed a reset, on to reset page then and I picked a new password. (An Arsenal related one), you didn’t think I was going to tell you the password did you?… So Mrs. Canon asked me what it was  I chose and when she found out what it was she went Joey Barton on me expecting I would have chosen a password like ‘ilovemywife123&’ , since that day ‘You are addicted to Football’ is the new anthem in my household.

Am I really addicted? Surely I can’t be. I just love the game. So I decided to share how much football occupies my day with you and so you can be the judge . Wake up at 5.00am every morning, if you live in Mainland Lagos, Nigeria and work on the Island anything after that means you are stuck in traffic. First I check the news feeds , two sites come up on my phone, and already bookmarked so I just refresh, read all the latest posts and columns then off to the bathroom at about 5.15. Drop Mrs. Canon at work and get to mine usually at 7am. Just as I park my car, I always get a mail from  on his daily Arsenal posts. Mad Nigerian Gooner Blogger.  I read that in the car before heading into the office. When I have a new post I usually send to twitter at this time too from Daily meetings by 7.30am, boring routine stuff, so I read my twitter feed on for follower tweets. This past week has been basically OZIL QUOTES!!! . I am getting tired of seeing them.

eye football

Work begins, shut down!!! Try to earn the living. At 10am I get an email from , I am subscribed to his mailing list. I read what he has to say while I have breakfast.  I take a 15mins break at 2pm when I read and reply tweets, repost stuff etc. 4pm, boom!! Official hours over, I refresh my  page for any new stuff.  At 5pm, the office TV is set on SuperSports Blitz where I watch an hour of Sky Sports news while I clear my desk.

Just before I leave the office usually between 6-7pm. I download my daily podcast to listen for the almost 2 hour drive. Here is my daily list from Monday to Saturday Morning

Podcast Name Web Address
Sunday Supplement/


TeamTalk Podcast
The Tuesday Club
Guardian Football Weekly


Home at last; time is shared between, Mrs Canon, Lil Canon and my Laptop trying to think up something to write for my blog on . Retire to bed at about 11 after I have read late night updates on .

All this doesn’t include watching the real game. Honestly, I am not addicted to football. I wonder why anyone would even think that.

Did I manage to keep you interested to this point? If I did I just achieved one of my lifetime goals. Write total rubbish and have someone follow my thread for about five minutes. Forgive me but this is what happens to the mind of a football writer when there actually is no football to write about, don’t we all just hate International week?  I wonder how Arseblog does it everyday….


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