Post by @Brainysteppo 

Good morning and what a season it is turning out to be. I mean, who could’ve ever thought that on a day valentine is celebrated, The Arsenal will be at loggerheads with Leicester city and that this clash is one of the major decisive fixtures in the battle for the Premier League trophy.

Today, for most Gooners and Goonerettes, is about finding a balance between the Valentine euphoria and an important Match. Hopefully the team gives us a deserving or otherwise undeserving win so that the bliss of the night will be with much thrills.

So while we anticipate the Emirates showdown at lunchtime, let’s remind ourselves of our common World, the same that we have extended our love to; The Arsenal.

Arsenal love



I share no love with the Queen that’s elegant, brilliant and golden,

Neither with her Princess whose scents burns the atmosphere,

Nor with flowers that glow in the sun’s light, nor with a Nightingale’s lidden,

But only with you, My Arsenal  (wrapped in Reds and Whites)  – a love which like an African snow is rare.

My love for you  is as waves and tides of oceans, continuous since its start,

Seeing you from the terrace at Highbury foisted in me a passion that till today contrasts with all other loves that fails and stalls,

That has ridden their grounds with confused alarms of struggle and clash and fights,

And that is so Spursy and less attractive, has really neither class nor motion, nor pulse.

My love for you stayed true, through the ten years of flood that caused our land to be barren and bare

For  you’ve enchanted me with your celestial creativity and array of deft touches  that numbs my nerves,

Come rain and shine, highs and lows, boost and letdowns,  my love for you still remains dear,

And now I’ve moved closer to your groove at Ashburton that’s wrapped in glass just to sing out loud at its clockend that;

I will love you forever, for you’ve pierced me like a sword and I’ve felt no remorse,

 For that which loving you brings is full of joy and emotions as boundless as the universe