Letter from the Heart – Dear Shad Forsythe

Hello, Mr. Shad hello.
You’re prized more than mines of gold,
In ceaseless rebounds your praises flowed.
That’s not the least I know that I know.

Thank you so much for joining.
We’ve read about you and Germany.
In the German tongue and Polish town of Lublin,
And your bold logo in the province of Gamieden.

We saw your work on Bastian, Reus and Keswick,
The unannounced thesis you wrote in blank sheets,
You conquer of hamstring pulls in freakish Atlantic,
And that biological co-ordination as big as Frisco Seals.

Pleased to say it’s all not found wanting, checking our histories.
Aaron did thighs, Diaby’s was knees.
Jack did ankles, once did his Achilles,
Wenger did lies, no, but someone did back-heels.

We’ve hoped on you that these things won’t abound
But since arrival, we’ve been present around
In our presentation of absence, every passing hour
You didn’t make them neither has your good charms driven them afar.

This seems familiar but it isn’t similar
Tis a richly-invested dangerous love affair.
But, we won’t give up on you till North’s metamorphose into West.
Written by me, (in Aluta-ic gentility), a gooner you haven’t met yet.


Emmanuel tweets from the handle @brainysteppo . Well worth a follow.