We all know we have been here before. Remember when Higuan’s father, mother, ex-girlfriend and even dog said he was going to join us and didn’t? Seems we are down that road again with Mbappe. Make of the report what you especially as it quotes his relative, who knows if the relative is even on speaking terms with Mbappe.  Report below is a google translate version of the post from https://le10sport.com/

While all the biggest clubs in Europe are fighting for Kylian Mbappé, one of his relatives confesses that he could join Arsenal.

Kylian Mbappé has something to please. At only 18, the young French international showed that he already had all the capacities to be in a few years one of the best players in the world. Manchester United, Manchester City, PSG or Real Madrid would be ready to make amazing offers for AS Monaco striker. Even Arsenal, usually shy when the transfer market is open, would be willing to splurge.

“If tomorrow Kylian signs at Arsenal, it will be for him”

In Le Parisien, a relative of Kylian Mbappé admits that the Monaco striker could sign with the Gunners just for Arsène Wenger: “Wenger is a great. If Kylian signs to Arsenal tomorrow, it will be for him. He knows how to shape the young and especially the former strikers of the French team, Thierry Henry and Nicolas Anelka. To argue that the Europa League is not an obstacle in itself. ” 

Source : https://le10sport.com/football/mercato/mercato-psg-henry-anelka-le-clan-mbappe-ouvre-la-porte-a-wenger-318079