Howdy, working day so let’s see how much we can get in during this tea break same way just before we have a chance to savour the joy of qualifying for the finals of the FA Cup we are faced with the task of playing yet for our continual participation in Europe’s elite competition with the game against West Ham today.

Quick reaction to Roy Keane statement on Arsenal players celebrating a penalty shootout victory over a championship side since I didn’t get a chance to as we didn’t review the Wigan victory here. Some things you can expect from level of pundits but one would think Roy Keane was of the class of Gary Neville especially after his excellent showing in the ‘Best of Enemies’ documentary with Patrick Viera late last year.

If someone like Jamie Redknapp had made a statement like that you can excuse it on the basis of it  ‘hei its Jamie, ex spurs player and Harry Redknapps son’ you can’t expect anything better from those two. Micheal Owen? Naaa, not a worry because it won’t even make the top twenty of the stupid things he has said, Jamie Carragher, wouldn’t be an issue also because you would hardly hear anything he is saying anyways, running commentary on a game involving Arsenal and Wigan and you can get from Carragher would be mutterings of ..eerrr…..Liverpool….strange mutterings…Gerrad…more mutterings….Anfield….muttering forever….

For Roy Keane to make a statement like that having played at the highest level and coached also albeit woefully knowing the emotion that goes into Cup games especially when you make a dramatic comeback is to put it mildly just shameful. So after Cazorla’s penalty, Vermaelen our captain on the day would have just called the guys together and run them into the dressing room when they just qualified for the finals via penalties. Roy needs to have his head examined, he is so bitter with everything that is not Roy Keane that he should be placed on a watch before he hurts himself.

That was more than a quick reaction I suppose but let’s move on to someone who really needs to work on quickly reacting to balls that are fed to him. Yaya Sanogo, its public knowledge I am not a big fan of him and I wouldn’t jump on the Sanogo is next Anelka wagon just because I want to see anyone but Olivier Giroud. Truth is he has one of the worst first touches you would see on a 21 year old professional footballer, clean on goal thrice in the first half against Wigan and his first touch heavier than a bag of building cement always leaves him chasing a ball he should be very well guiding into the back of the net.

Yes, we can hail him for effort which is good and its quick to see comments like at least he is getting into positions which is also very good but we are in the FA Cup semi-finals trying to end a trophy drought and the best we have got is a 21 year old striker learning his trade. Wenger really needs to ask himself some deep questions if he is to remain at the club, I was of the opinion that we needed just one quality striker upfront but Its evident to see that we actually need two with Giroud been the third choice and Sanogo kept around or sent on loan to further learn his trade with more first team football elsewhere.

For now, we are stuck with him and if Wenger intends to use him against Hull in the finals its best he starts more games before we play Hull to help him increase his match sharpness and should he get a few goals in those games it would go a long way in boosting his confidence.

I don’t think he would today as after playing the whole 120minutes of the Wigan game, Giroud should be expected to start against West Ham today. Going into this game with right on the back of the Wigan game would prove difficult for any manager especially with the amount of players we have yet to return from injury. Flamini’s suspension would really hurt us in a game like this one as we know Big Sam always sets up his teams to be physically domineering and Arteta seems to be struggling a lot with pace and body strength now.

I would be shocked if Kim K doesn’t get a start today and it would be nice to see him play 90mins for Arsenal at least once before he returns to the land he came from. The manager says Podolski had a muscle problem but should be fine for this game hopefully, considering that information I wonder how those who were booing his substitution against Wigan feel now. Sometimes as fans we have to admit to ourselves that as much as we have opinions we don’t know everything and most likely never will.

Have to run now, work is about to start. Hopefully we get the 3 points today and put ourselves back in the running to qualify for the Champions League. Have an awesome awesome day Gooners.

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