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Not a big fan of deadline day, I know I am in a huge minority here as the sheer amount of activity that happens on social media on deadline day points to the fact that folks thrive on this. I stayed away from social media as much as I could throughout the day with the occasional messages prompting me of near deals, rejections by players we thought we had signed ,deals back on, medicals somewhere in Germany , Ba bared from speaking to us…stuff like that! You know the drill… why put myself through all of that, I have been in that state all window. I would rather wake up the morning after, nice and early refresh the sky sports webpage once and get all the info. Well, that’s just me; most likely I am the one with the problem so you all are just fine…

What a game we had on Sunday…what a game!! I’m certain you would have read a whole lot of reviews so I don’t intend to bore you with another. To be honest, I actually was going to do one. If you read my post on ‘ what a champions league spot holds for Arsenal’ you would notice my failed attempt to write a match review so I intended to correct that with the NLD. I got through the first 20mins and I couldn’t anymore, I felt I was missing something every time I looked away to quickly scribble something. The intensity of the game was too much for me to look elsewhere so there goes my attempt at another game review.  In any case I knew Gooner Daily was going to write one, and boy does he write great reviews and he didn’t disappoint. Find his review here thank me later.

Before the derby all the talk, ALL THE TALK was about how much Spurs had spent, how they had done everything we should have done, how they had gone and bought wisely knowing they were losing their best talent,  bla bla.. To be fair to them, they really had some good business done and that’s how every football club that really wants to be ambitious should act but its Spurs and that’s the only good word anyone is going to get from me about them. You can sense from the media how they cant wait to use these sentences ,….in match day commentator voice  ‘ There is a power shift in North London!!!’, ‘ This is the year Spurs finally usurp their neighbours’, ‘ A new era has begun in North  London!!!’  and so on. What else do we need to do to shut these guys up, two seasons back to back we have overturned huge point gaps to still finish above them, we really deserve some respect. By no means am I saying finishing above Spurs should be our target but we really deserve some respect.  Like the Manager said, their goal keeper was their best player, which just explains how many chances we created in the game. Our counter attacking was superb, Cazorlas thinking is out of this world, the number of times he ran ‘Ca-POO’ ragged and left him for dry finding a space to put his through balls to Walcott was amazing. Everyone was amazing, the last five minutes of the game when all hell was about to be let loose at our goal mouth , the collective defending was reminiscent of the George Graham days…(at least what I heard of it, I am not that old ). We had Men of the Match in that game, everyone deserved it.


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What is Sandro smoking over there at White Hart Lane….???


So I just refreshed my Twitter Timeline, its 9.47pm in Nigeria and the deal is yet to be officially announced. Fans are still going on about how they fear it might be hijacked, can you blame us? Even on deadline day, we wait for deadline to announce signings. We have been there before. Reports also say we have pulled out of a deal for Demba Ba as Chelsea want us to double the amount we are offering for a one year loan deal. Isn’t Demba Ba the same player Wenger wasn’t going to go for last window as he felt he was too similar to Giroud? Oh, his cost was 7million then and now he wants to get him on some deal for 1.5million, makes financial sense right? Of course everything has to make financial sense with us. How else would you explain how we are here all refreshing twitter nonstop waiting for deals when we had all summer to do it and even at that we seem to have gotten only Ozil and Viviano in?  If there ever was a course of ‘How not to manage a transfer window’ this summer would be a perfect case study for any student. I realize that by the time this post is up and dependent on the time you are reading it, everything I have written here might be rubbish and guess what, if we win the league in May 2014 , no one will write the story of this summer as a failure but as one where Wenger showed faith in the squad of players he had but I am very willing to be proven wrong to see us successful.


Cheers to a great season mates….


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