The subject of this post points to the fact that I think the manager has a problem. Does that mean I want him to go? No. I’m a huge Arsene Wenger fan, I live in awe of his brilliance and I hope one day I could sit in a room with him, take a huge long look at him, hug him and ask him a billion questions on every subject known to man. Does this man-crush blind me from admitting I think he has a problem? No it doesn’t. So if you visited the page thinking it was a Wenger Out post I’m sorry to disappoint you, however I respect the opinions of folks who can’t wait for the manager to live. They are very well entitled to it.

The Arsenal space went into full blown anger mode after the draw against Leicester and going into deadline day one would expect that we are in for lots of abuse thrown at the club if it doesn’t feed the fans with the signings we all crave. The questions however are

  • Does Wenger think we need to sign?
  • Which positions does Wenger think we need signings?
  • How much does he value the player who is available for the position he intends to sign?
  • Does Wenger think there is someone within the rank who can do the same job with the available player?

In all of this, Wenger is not the kind of manager that would ask himself this question that I feel many other managers would ask.

  • Does my current squad match the quality my competitors have?
  • This available player, even though he might cost more, will he bring it at par with the quality that my rivals have?

Even Wenger himself has publicly stated severally that he is not bothered by who other teams sign. So we can be certain that if Arsene thinks he is fine with Sanogo and Spurs go ahead and sign Messi, it will not change Arsene’s opinion. For all his many fine attributes, I feel Wenger’s greatest problem is that he doesn’t benchmark correctly.

Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s business processes and performance metrics to industry bests or best practices from other companies.  In the process of best practice benchmarking, management identifies the best firms in their industry, or in another industry where similar processes exist, and compares the results and processes of those studied to one’s own results and processes.

How else would you explain the fact that Wenger would use the term great to describe Manchester City strikers and of the three strikers he has at the club now, only one has scored for the club in a competitive game, Sanchez who just joined.

Arsene works hard to qualify for the Champions League every season, he considers finishing in fourth position just as important to the club as winning a domestic cup yet it doesn’t seem like he benchmarks himself against people that actually win the competition he works so hard to get into. One would think that if I qualify for a particular competition I would ask myself a few questions?

  • Who are my main rivals for this competition?
  • Who won it last year? Real Madrid (UCL), Manchester City (EPL)
  • Where did I finish last year? 2nd Round (UCL), Fourth (EPL)
  • Is my current squad good enough to compete against the teams that won last year?
  • Have the teams that won last year improved their squads?
  • Where do I have to improve my squad to make sure I am just as good as they are if I cannot be better?

I really believe Wenger needs to answer these questions before he sleeps every night. The most annoying thing about Wenger is he is a really smart man and he does ask himself these questions. Why he fails to act on the responses is a different thing. Or does Wenger really think his current squad is good enough?

This team peaked last season with the FA Cup win, we all knew we needed just a sprinkling of talent in a few positions and we would be ready to go again. Wenger raised our hopes with the quality of signings he made immediately after the World Cup, Sanchez, Debuchy, Ospina and Chambers are real quality signings, but stopping there without signing a defensive midfielder and a center back would be like taking a bride to the altar and leaving her there to hang. The promise of something beautiful and the flat slap on your face when you realize you have been dumped.

Our rivals have strengthened, and they have even done these in areas were Wenger claims we are looking for players and he can’t find.  I feel immediately we knew the length of Giroud injury we should have been in for a replacement. The team touted to win the league just added a proven premier league goal scorer that we have been linked with long before the World Cup. I think we should have been in for Remy. United have Rooney and ‘the one whose name should never be mentioned” and they have just added Di Maria, Liverpool (Balotelli), City with all their amazing talent upfront now have a renewed Jovetic. We have 700 minutes of football no scoring Sanogo upfront with Alexis Sanchez.

I listened to Arseblogs podcast last weekend and I think it was “The Man from East Lower” who said Wenger always likes to have a project player around and “Sanogo’ seems to be his new project. I agree with him but you really have to feel for Sanchez, the dude works really hard. When he was on the left he was dangerous, right hand side he was just as dangerous and he had the awareness to be right there when Sanogo had missed a glorious chance which he took advantage of to give us the lead. Is he going to bear the goal scoring burden alone till Walcott comes or when the manager decides to give Joel Campbell a run.

Wenger has 24 hours to fix this team, and he better use it to the best of his abilities. Wenger says we are active and I really hope that we are. The players we need are in the market, if they are not there then it’s only because Wenger himself has failed to find them early enough. A club like Arsenal certainly will have options and those options need to be activated now. I am not a big fan of deadline day but I think I might just follow this one.

Please, if you can reach Wenger, tell him to look at his rivals, look at his team, look at the players available all around the world and please sign us some players that will give us a fighting chance. It’s called benchmarking, every business does it, and it is even more important in highly competitive environments like a sporting one.


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