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“When clubs approach the transfer window, fans expect players. Not politics” –   Anonymous (actually, me). 

£10.8m spent, 11 players sent on loan, 3 players sold and released, about £300000 freed from the wage bill, 9 frequently occurring words (“if we find an exceptional player, we’ll do it”), and one, just one non-outfield Petr Cech. Nothing else can summarize Arsenal’s transfer window any better; if we are to write it as it should be written.

After two consecutive successful seasons, with the club wining the FA Cup and Community Shield, a mammoth of optimism found its way down the 33 spines of all gooners’ vertebrae. A general belief was and is that the team is very much closer to winning the Premier League (and progressing well in the Champions League) and in order for this to be accomplished, three ingredients were further needed. The noises were a Goalkeeper, a Centre Forward and a Midfielder.

Personally, I felt the team needed more importantly; cohesion, organization, consistency and a clearer tactical arrangement (who else thinks it’s not weird seeing us overcrowding the midfield all the times?); and I’m not strengthening a WOBist movement with that. As well as a forward player that could turn “a little” to “something” and not necessarily that Cavani or Bnezema. Cries for such big names are also not to be thwarted, as fans do not prefer to see Gibbs coming on for Coquelin, which would allow Ramsey to partner another substitute, Chamberlain so they could embark on an all-out mission with the other forwards when we are chasing for a point or two during a match. Furthermore, a ban on the “indecision” which is well pronounced within the club.

Worthy of note that this window was particularly tedious for a number of clubs, probably due to receiving extinct format of deal-sheets and majorly, due to shortage of “exceptional” players as against cash owned by clubs, which in effect made buying more difficult as well as selling (and it is expected to become even more tedious next summer). We saw Everton holding on to Jon Stones, PSG rejecting Chelsea’s consecutive deadline bids for Marqinous, Benzema holding on to Real Madrid and characteristically, Cavani and PSG holding on to each other. The Cavani case was a bit more straightforward: they’ll lose Ibrahimovich next season which makes it utterly ridiculous to lose Cavani now and now be in our situation next summer.

The only other option was to overpay and hope the three parties involved will come to an agreement. This is the case of Anthony Martial; a situation in which arsenal isn’t well positioned and financially buoyant to undertake. It was also apparent that the club were determined to avoid another Park Chu Young charity-like scenario, but let it be confirmed that we have within our reach a financial muscle and exciting brand, which could have brought in an exceptional talent that would improve us, and going by recent history, the other parties in the deal would be more willing to do a deal provided it’s not done on the insane deadline day. While this will most likely add more to the psychological nature and surplus of talents at the club, it might sprout some negative tendencies. A new DM comes in and our Coquelin gets dropped like another Szczseny scenario?

So after the days went and its hours expired, all that was added was a shiny 33 year old Petr Cech, a world class goalie who is undoubtedly an upgrade on what we had. His acquisition we have heard is expected to fetch us an extra 15 points per season which might just be enough to clinch it; right? No defensive personnel, but rather; another reliance on Sanchez and Giroud, a wait for Welbeck2016, an inform Own Goal and anticipated constructive and destructive tactical disposition and some little bit Cazorla experiment.

There it ends. So we are to decide based upon our gathered ideas of where the market stands and how we operate within it (link: THE TRANSFER WINDOW), our past summer windows, the needs of the club relative to its ambitions, our promising financial capabilities, Arsene and how incredible the team can be when all players are fit, if the club has been robed or stripped.

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