Quick Post this morning..

No Arsenal games last weekend, (if the week starts on Sunday and ends on Saturday, is it correct to say no Arsenal games last weekend since Sunday begins another week or does weekend mean the two days most people get off work? What happens in Dubai where people officially work on Saturdays?), you see what happens when Arsenal doesn’t play? The mind wanders through needless things.

The weekend itself was filled with some semi-interesting activity , the rent boys won the league and we all had to stay awake to watch one man try to fight and another hug his way to victory. Can’t remember the last boxing match I watched live or recorded. I usually just wait for the boxers to end their careers and wait for someone to make a movie out of their lives. Ironically the one movie I promised myself I would never see again is Million Dollar Baby, Hilary Swank and Morgan Freeman. Amazing boxing movie but I still haven’t recovered from how it ended.

To more football related discussions, the chavs winning the league yesterday means the battle for second place and avoiding relegation is now the focus. Our contenders for second place had mixed results with United on their downward spiral and City nicking a victory over Spurs. What could we have expected from Spurs anyways, you wonder how players like Lamela and Soldado escape all the criticisms that people like Ozil and Giroud receive. They have been terrible since the beginning of time and their current form doesn’t seem to give any indication that any likely improvements.

We play Hull in a game that should see us maintain the race for second which is even more important now given the new seeding mechanism for the Champions League. Hurts that we have dropped out of Pot 1, and dropping any further down the pots would be near disastrous. If Barcelona for instance wins the league and the Champions League, I think it is possible that a group in next season competition might have Bayern Munich, Real Madrid, Manchester United and someone else. Manchester United being the most likely to finish fourth.

Arsenal Hull (A) Swansea (H) v Man Utd (A) v Sunderland (H) v West Brom (H) 15
Man United   v Crystal Palace (A) v Arsenal (H) v Hull (A)   9
Man City   v QPR (H) v Swansea V Southampton   9

 With 3 of our remaining games at home you would expect that Arsenal would at least get 13 points from a possible 15. Man United on the other hand face a tough trip away trip to Palace and host us at home, Hull away might not be easy if Hull is still in the relegation battle.  Man City I expect to get all 9 points.

We have almost all our players available and one of the major gains of this season has got to be our improved fitness levels during the second phase of the campaign. Great work by Shad and our medical staff and the results have shown what a sustained run of fitness can help us achieve next season.

Work starts in a bit so it’s cheers to 3 points against Hull tonight and most importantly HAPPY ST. TOTTENRINGHAM’s DAY!! FOR THE 20TH YEAR IN A ROLL.

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