I have supported Arsenal for 19 years and in that time I have celebrated League title wins, FA Cup wins, Charity Shields and an amazing Champions League run that sadly did not culminate in a champions winning trophy. All these are the priority every season.

However, there is one more celebration really dear to me and many Arsenal fans I believe, and that is the celebration of St. Totteringham’s Day. This day has been a yearly occurrence for the past 20 years. Yes, I know it’s not a trophy but what is football without banter especially banter with folks whose only claim to fame is that they share the same city with The Mighty Arsenal.

So when Arsene Wenger in his press conference make the statement below as if he does not understand the significance of Spurs finishing above us to the fans.

““Tottenham have been 18 years behind us and they’ve survived. So let’s be realistic.””

It’s one thing to lose a title to Leicester City as sport will always have room for fairy tale endings, it is another thing to finish below Spurs. Where they should be is forever in our shadow especially as for many years the English press has been itching to write their “the tide have shifted in North London script.”

The question, however, is that should football club managers reflect the sentiments expressed by their fan bases given that managing a club and being a fan of the club are really different things? Or should this apply more to Arsene Wenger given his length of stay at the club?

Fans already feel disillusioned by what seems like a variance in expectations by the club hierarchy and the fan base and statements like this from Arsene Wenger though inconsequential in the real sense of the word, still have the potential of irking an already incensed fan base.

For a club grounded in media management where rigorous attention is paid to what can be or can’t be said in public, is Arsene Wenger’s recent comments another gaffe from a faltering manager?

Poll Carried out by The Daily Mirror on 4th May, 2015

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