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5 KEY POINTS TO KNOW ABOUT Liverpool vs Arsenal

by SimonSEEZ

Post By Guest Blogger ; @brainysteppo

So, we are about to start our run of simple games (otherwise called Hard fixtures) and going into it we have that amazing and exciting feeling of being TOP OF THE LEAGUE; a confidence booster. It will all happen, and will be played without a Cavani upfront, nor a Theo like-for-like replacement. Two things to re-moan about.

And to add; the Media’s lack of respect for us: “They’ll never be contenders, it don’t run in their blood”….”they are there to live fantasies”….. Well, anyone who knows us know that we’re fine with this; we don’t want to be caught up in their love affairs.

Wenger on why people doubt Arsenal’s title chances:

“You have engrained that in your brain and it’s very difficult to get out now”    

We have no reason not to believe we can get maximum points even without Championship star, Kim Emeritus pondus duet Kallstrom. The team is so good that they aren’t driven by one player.  Anyways, let us get to remind ourselves 5 headlines which are key as we face our first victim. ..Liverpool.

We have your script Brendan....!!

We have your script Brendan….!!

1. Liverpool 0 vs Arsenal 2
The last time we visited Anfield was in 2012 (quite far) and the match ended with us breaking our goal scoring barrenness. Abou Diaby (still an Arsenal player) ran the show; podolski and cazorla, gave the goals.

2. Liverpool Home record
Played: 12
Draw: 1
Loss: 1
Wins: 10
The only 3 points winner was Southampton, a match in which Luke Shaw caused havoc.
They scored 33 goals and conceeded 8. Total points achieved being 31.

3. Arsenal Away record
Played 12 matches away from home, scoring 25 goals and conceeding 15 goals. 8 wins, 2 draws and 2 losses ensured 26 points are taken. Teams lost to were Manchester City Referees club and Manchester United FC of London.

4. Midfield battle > SAS vs KosPer
Midfield battle will be key in this match and is more of a battle than their attack vs the League’s best defence. The last time we played The Ox in an away match as a CDM, it ended:
Newcastle 1 vs Arsenal 1 (Spurss fans version)…..:)
Newcastle 0 vs Arsenal 1 (Real version).
No need analysing more here, we don’t know who will get to play. (Jack is available)

5. Micheal Oliver and his delegation.
Arsenal’s delegation to Germany never arrived but Referee Micheal Oliver and his will arrive for the Anfield show down.
They have the capacity to ruin this match and as well as making it fair like Life itself.
Last time he was head of our affairs:
Manchester United 1 vs Arsenal 0. (Doesn’t hold water. He also referred)
Arsenal 1 vs Tots. Spurs 0. (Fair games, to be honest)
He however gave a terrible handball decoy for Spurss against Hull city. Hopefully, he understands Suarez well enough.
Was also in charge of:
Liverpool 4 vs West Ham 1 and  Swansea (sacked Laudrup) 2 vs Liverpool 2.

So, there goes our reviewed 5 keys worth of putting in mind. I’m anticipating due this and I hope we can bring all points back home. Fingers crossed XYZ. Canon’s match preview in the morrow.


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Olayinka February 7, 2014 - 9:07 pm

Very nice write-up…like wenger said we got their script…I only fear for Woj’s cleansheet…also we face united on wednesday,so how AW wld ‘rotate’ his squad wld be of interest

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