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Aaron Crocked as Mustafi Stalled – Simon Reviews

by SimonSEEZ

Aaron Crocked

The Telegraph broke the story that Aaron Ramsey is broke again. Obviously not financially, these guys are super rich fellas. However, the effect of pulling a hammy around the hour mark during the game against Liverpool means he will sit out the next 3-4 weeks of premier league football. This comes at a time when news of the extent of the damage suffered by Alex Iwobi is yet to arrive, and the club is having to deal with the effect of yet another Game One day loss.

Playing Ramsey was always a question of huge debate given his penchant for tissue injuries and his participation at the Euros. In the absence of Mesut Ozil, many felt Santi Cazorla who has barely played in over six months would have been better suited to start the game. However, we all know the manager is a huge fan of Aaron Ramsey and what he brings to the team hence he perpetually features as long as he is fit.

The club is however covered in the midfield department; hence the loss would not be as devastating our current defensive position.
See current injury list and duration courtesy http://www.arsenalreport.com/injuryroom/

Arsenal Injured Players

Mustafi Stalled

Conflicting reports emanated from various sources yesterday morning on the status of the Mustafi deal. While Sky was reporting the deal was almost done, other news sources reported the deal was failing due to Arsenal being unable to match the valuation of the player. Like all things, Arsenal, transfers are always drawn out sagas. As always, The Oracle came with some much-needed clarity about the state of things and his tweets before revealed three things.

• Ivan Gazidis was right about the club not been able to compete
• Arsenal might be signing a striker
• Wenger does not think a defender in hand is worth more than a striker in the bush

What is more worrying is the club’s ability to seal deals. Mustafi has been on the cards for weeks and we are technically no closer to fielding him that we were two weeks ago in a period when we desperately need some experience at the center back position.

The Mirror reports that there is a variance of 5 million between what Arsenal are willing to pay and what Valencia are prepared to let the player go for. In the real world, 5 million dollars is a lot of money, but English football does not exist in that world. Also, in my opinion, settling for another defender who was never your first choice over 5m is a poor gamble for me. Get the quality you need in and get to work on forming partnerships.

This deal also reveals a lot about how the clubs finances are managed. It seems Wenger is working within a tight transfer budget as the club continues to self-sustainability model. What would be disastrous however would be the club missing out on signing a quality defender over 5million and then paying its annual three million consultancy fee to Stan Kroenke. Now that would be evil straight from the pit of hell.

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