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Again, its our hope that kills us – Arsenal

by SimonSEEZ

As Arsenal fans, they say it’s the hope that kills you.

We have to hope for many things, first we hope that our squad is good enough to compete, we hope that our squad stays fit, we hope that the squad if good enough actually competes, we hope that we don’t bottle whatever we are competing for, we hope for our manager, we hope for our club.

We hope before the game, during the game, and after the game. We keep hoping that somehow, what we see on the pitch will be a reflection of the passion the fans show outside it.

Again, our hopes were dashed with the shambolic display we put up against Crystal Palace. With Leicester dropping points, we hoped that our team would seize the opportunity to give us more hope. Imagine that; we are hoping for the chance to keep our hopes alive.

Sadly, as it has happened ever so often, our hopes were dashed when possession could not be converted to chances and few chances created could not be converted to enough goals. In the end, it was a spineless effort at defence that finally nailed the coffin.

Like I tweeted immediately after the game, yes, the manager picked the team, and he is ultimately responsible for whatever result comes out of it and yes, this has happened to us ever so often but can we put him aside for a second and take a look at the players.

– What on God’s earth was Gabriel doing escorting Adebayour till he found the pass to Bolasie
– We can forgive Coquelin for effort, but what was Koscienly doing being static in defence
– Petr Cech, with his experience, should not be conceding that goal.

I have lost count of how many teams have scored against us this season with their first real shot on target. In the end, our season which felt so promising at first has yet again capitulated under the tutelage of Arsene Wenger.

The club really needs to be asking itself serious questions now as to what it intends to be. Can we continue to stomach such mediocre performances or should we be looking at a drastic change before we drift into premier league oblivion.

Wenger is not going anywhere so I won’t waste my time writing anything about him getting sacked, what however can be done by the club hierarchy (if anything like that exists) at Arsenal is to force his hand to improve the squad and give the whole club the best possible chance of competing for titles. As things remain, the outlook looks slim.

I’m getting older, and I don’t want to spend any more time on Arsenal simply hoping.

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Ross Tommey May 21, 2016 - 3:46 am

We never get younger. But not all hope is lost, because with football hope is reset every 9 months. Just like pregnancy you have all the same hope of bringing forth success at the end of nine months; only to have your hopes dashed by giving birth to another fallible human!

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