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Arsenal 2016 – Happy New Year

by SimonSEEZ

Happy New Year!!

I hope you are well and cheerful. It might really just be another time of our lives when night turns to day but in the grand scheme of things as long as we are on this planet there seems to be a reason to count. Count of how much time we have spent here, count of money, our kids, our cars, houses, trophies and how many times we have finished above Spurs. This year should see us celebrate the 20th successive year of finishing above Spurs which is always a lovely item to tick off our expectations for the year.

Seems our form in 2015 as a calendar year wasn’t really shabby. Sadly, this does not translate into any type of trophy. However, it does indicate that the ingredients required to make a sustained title challenge are contained in this team especially as we go into the new year top of league. I think what is key for Arsenal in our title challenge this year, a point I alluded to in our season opening posts is that for once we do not have a set of tough games. I think our toughest run is in January when we play Stoke, Liverpool and Chelsea. What do you think?

See full EPL fixture list here

Man UnitedAway
West BromHome
West HamAway
Crystal PalaceHome
MayMan CityAway
Aston VillaHome

Whilst it looks pretty evenly spaced out, going further in the Champions League or the FA Cup or a replayed game in the FA Cup can cause some level of disruption. Considering the games are executed by the same players, a defeat in one competition can have resultant effects on other competitions. We wouldn’t want that and today most certainly is not the day to bring that up.

Taking it one game at a time, we play host to Newcastle in our first game of the year and Arsenal Player put a very nice compilation of our recent victories over them. You can CLICK HERE to watch 

The game is tomorrow so we might have something on it later, but for now we would want to wish you a very splendid day, have fun, be merry and let’s all hope 2016 brings us lots of good tidings. Cheers and thank you for all your support in 2015. Let’s do it again.

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