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Arsenal Create Fond Memories – City Review

by SimonSEEZ

That tweet right before the game captured what Arsenal needed to do perfectly and Wenger Team carried it out with a butcher’s precision.

BOOM! BOOM!!  We hit them! We bounced like butterflies and stung like bees!!

Faltering so many times on our away trips to top sides many expected that we would capitulate again and thankfully we disappointed them. To be fair our record going to Manchester didn’t put is in good light but what are records for if not to be broken.

Aside from Ramsey coming in for Rosicky I’m pretty sure we all would have picked the same team to play City so the performance was more of character than of personnel. The result of how we played against City must have come from some serious preparation by the coaching staff to ensure we do not allow City dominate areas that can hurt us.  They had a lot of the ball but they lacked the penetration that would have caused any trouble.  (did we just write that about Arsenal?, really?)

As modern day football fans, with all the access to information we now have when we think of football clubs we support our views are clouded by things outside than the real reason why we support the club. Non accountants trying to analyse club finances, we are all scouts trying to buy players for the club, ticket prices issues, fallout of AGMs, who the players are sleeping with or what they are smoking but results like the one we had against Man City is really what we remember. You get 3 points for the win against Stoke, same as the win against Manchester City but you are not going to sit at the bar with friends talking about how you beat Stoke, the memories are formed from Champions League nights and the away trips to United, Chelsea, City, Liverpool, Milan, Madrid, Nou Camp etc. Those are the memories that live with you.

Bellerin, Ospina, Per, Kos, Nacho Monreal ——-Unsung Heroes

Cazorla deservedly got the MOTM award but the defense put up some amazing work yesterday, Per was great at intercepting, Kos was as usual very dodged and Nacho Monreal put in an amazing shift and it was his run that led to the first goal. Arsene needs to get the credits for Nacho’s improvement, from a left back that seemed shaky at first; he seems to have finally come into his own as a premier league footballer. Aside from one situation when he was out of position that led to Coquelin screaming at the end of the first half I think he was pretty solid.

I’m a big fan of Woj but how do you argue against three clean sheets, even Woj would admit Ospina had deservedly earned his run in the team. I wonder how he would feel especially with the OOO-SSSSSPIINNAAAA chants by Arsenal fans every time our goalie takes a goal kick. I still do not think he has been tested enough to be honest but is that down to his organizing his defence well? Or the return of Kos to the back? Or just that him making easy of things that used to look difficult when Woj was between the sticks? I do not know but time surely will tell. For now, it’s impossible not to love clean sheets whether it’s on your bed or by your Football Team.

action zones



Did anyone pay attention to the number of corners we conceded yesterday? WhoScored indicates that 34% of the game was played in and around our penalty box which most likely would have led to the huge number of corners we conceded, not a single one of the sixteen corners even threatened to go in. I saw somewhere that at least 5 were cleared straight away by Nacho Monreal. When those corners go in, we all hear lectures on Zonal Marking but you wouldn’t hear much about the failure of man marking by Manchester City for our second goal.


Another top quality performance from our DM. Writing the review for the Stoke game I felt the manager would have gone with two in the holding role against City with Coquelin and Flamini. I don’t know how much Yaya Toure’s absence influenced going with Coq alone but it paid off as he put up a real case for his continual ownership of that position.

And while the screaming at the end of the first half would do well for the cameras and everyone going on about how that is what we need in the squad I’ll rather say the Coq gets focuses on getting his job done as quietly as possible. I remember when Flamini came into squad when he re-signed, flew straight into tackles against Spurs and everyone went on about him bringing back the steel, now he is seen as someone who barks without biting. So I’ll rather have Coq go about his game, improving his passing stats and positioning.

Ooohhh SANTI CAZORLA!!! Ooooh SANTI Cazorla!!

My wife had to wake me twice at night as apparently I was still singing those words. I feel people who say this was Santi’s best performance in an Arsenal shirt have short memories. This was the week in week out Santi that we saw when he first came to Arsenal and his recent run in the team playing through the middle seems to be bringing out the best in him.

How his form affects Ozil is left for the manager to decide as judging by his performances he can’t be dropped. That might leave Ozil, Ramsey, Rosicky , Wilshere with the battle for the third spot in midfield, whatever happens I really would prefer not to see Santi play from the left again. Sanchez and Welbeck can hold the forth very well down that side.

What seems like the only blip to an awesome result yesterday was the fact that we handed Chelsea a 5 point lead…cunts! To think Chelsea fans tried to join us in celebrating the win like we had something in common…Twats!!

Have a great day and week ahead friends!!! #UTA #COYG  Keep The Canon In Your Hearts!

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Xavier January 19, 2015 - 10:06 am

‘To think Chelsea fans tried to join us in celebrating the win like we have something in common’. This line is maaaaaaaaad.

SimonSEEZ January 19, 2015 - 11:20 am

Looool.. I have loads of them for in-laws so it hurt me deep

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