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Arsenal Fan of the Week – Adewale Adelanwa

by SimonSEEZ

Hello, today we feature a top top Arsenal fan Adewale Adelanwa who goes by the handle @walobaba on Twitter an Arsenal fan to the deepest core. There are loads of Arsenal fans who practically live and breathe the club and Adewale sits right on top of that pile. One of the most passionate Arsenal fans I know, his BBM Updates practically run like an Arsenal commentary website.

Adewale is part of the Kanu FC Generation Arsenal fans and in Nigeria, most of those bunch migrated to Chelsea FC when their glory days arrived as their roots were not deeply seated in Ashburton. However, @walobaba is not of that kind and his love for Arsenal has continued to grow even after Kanu departed the club.

Let’s meet him. Enjoy


My name is Adewale Adelanwa, a proud supporter of Arsenal football club. My friends say I live eat & sleep Arsenal. I feel I’m a fan to a fault. The type that finds it difficult to eat whenever Arsenal looses a match. Zodiac sign is LEO and I’d love to see Wenger lift the UEFA Champions League with my beloved club one day (not a must we have to win it with him though)



Q. When did you start supporting the club?
A. Precisely 1999/2000 season I think, after the game against Chelsea where Kanu scored a hat-trick within 15 minutes. I was actually schooling in Cairo, Egypt back then. The match was on a weekend, my classmates (from other parts of the continent) came to meet me on Monday morning asking me if I had seen what Kanu Nwankwo did over the weekend. Though I didn’t see the game, I acted like I did in order to enjoy all the accolades given to my fellow Nigerian. Thereafter I began to follow keenly Kanu Nwankwo and the club he was playing for…..and d rest is history.

Q. What attracted you to the club?
A. Kanu Nwankwo & the style of football his team was playing then.

Q. Who is your favourite all time Arsenal player?
A. Kanu Nwankwo


Q. Who is your current favourite player in the team?
A. Very difficult one there…..stuck between Alexi & Özil

Q. Your worst Arsenal signing?
A. Francis Jeffers

Q. If you could sign one player to join Arsenal who would it be? (no Messi or Ronaldo)
A. Antoine Griezmann

Q. If you had one ticket to watch Arsenal against any other team which team would you pick?
A. Charlton Athletic (we always played well against them)

Q. Your all time worst Arsenal game?
A. ManUtd vs Arsenal 8-2

Q. Your all-time favourite Arsenal game?
A. Arsenal vs Barcelona (2-1) RVP & Asharvin

Q. Your most memorable Arsenal goal?
A. RvP against Charlton Athletic (it was an aerial volley from a Hleb through ball down the right flank to an Eboue assist to the flying dutchman)

Q. Do you prefer individual goals or team worked goals?
A. I prefer team worked goals

Q. If you could relegate one Premier League team who would it be?

Q. What is your strangest Arsenal story?
A. That RvP had signed for Manchester United.

Q. If you could reverse one Arsenal result which would it be? (Apart from the Champions League Final)
A. Arsenal vs Galatasary (UEFA Cup Finals)

Q. If you were on the Titanic that also had Arsenal players on it, and you had access to take just one Arsenal player with on the last available life boat with you would you pick and why?
A. If my woman had access to this site, then my answer would be her, but I’m so sure she wouldn’t, then my answer would be Jack Wilshere. He’s young, has a lot of years around him and a fresh squad could be built around him. I feel he wouldn’t sellout like some others did if offers came from other clubs. He’s highly talented and I can’t seem to question his love for the club.

Q. In one word, how would you describe your relationship with Arsenal?
A. Infatuation

Q. Name your all time Arsenal Eleven.

A. Seaman, Dixon, Campbell, Adams, Cole, Pires, Viera, Cazorla, Sanchez, Bergkamp, Henry

Thank you for visiting and I hope you enjoyed the post. We would like to thank @Walobaba for featuring on our site and we look forward to having other cool Arsenal fans here. To feature, all you have to do is follow us on Twitter @canoncrested and interact with us.

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