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Arsenal Fan Of The Week : @dejazimako007

by SimonSEEZ

Howdy, thank you for visiting. We were honoured to have @Tosinadeda for a few weeks now and you can still find his page here. http://canoncrested.com/arsenal-fan-of-the-week-tosinadeda/

Today, we feature a new Arsenal fan Ibezimako Ajaero @dejazimako007 on our Fanzone page. I wonder which he is better at, being a top top Arsenal fan or coming up with hilarious “meme’s” to any tweet. Over a decade of supporting Arsenal and his in-dept knowledge of the club and football in general shows whenever you engage him in a conversation.  Very well worth a follow.

Lets meet him

FB_IMG_1422908072922 (1)

I am an avid Arsenal fan, father, husband , lover of anything and everything football related, foodie , enjoys watching the cartons and the Nat Geo Wild programs on TV

  1. When did you start supporting the club?

Started following the club closely around that time Thierry Henry joined the club. Having Kanu Nwankwo  at the club was also another key factor

  1. What attracted you to the club?

Arsenal were at the time serving Champagne football, it was poetry in motion seeing them play

  1. Who is your favourite all time Arsenal player?

Thierry Henry definitely,no one comes close to what did while at Arsenal

  1. Who is your current favourite player in the team?

Current Favorite player will be “the All Seeing One” Mesut Ozil


  1. Your worst Arsenal signing?

Straight fight between Manuel Almunia & Amaury Bischoff .. oh well! Almunia it is

  1. If you could sign one player to join Arsenal who would it be? (_no Messi or Ronaldo)

It will have to be the unassumingly efficient & ever effective Thomas Mueller of Bayern Munich. So underrated.

  1. If you had one ticket to watch Arsenal against any other team which team would you pick?

That team would definitely be our perennial enemies Manchester United. Guaranteed to make it worth    my while watching it live

  1. Your all time worst Arsenal game?

Worst game has to be the carling cup loss to Birmingham 2011. .the 9 years without a trophy taunts and chants got louder than ever after that loss

  1. Your all-time favourite Arsenal game?

Arsenal v Norwich 2013. Jack capped off the amazing team goal. Goalie barely moved a muscle when      the ball went in

  1. Which new signing are you most excited by?

Alexis “the Magnifique” Sanchez most definitely has me buzzing like a bionic mosquito

11. Your most memorable Arsenal goal?

Thierry Henry goal v Leeds in the FA Cup 2012. His second stint. The whole stadia erupted

Do you prefer individual goals or team worked goals?

Team worked goals definitely

  1. If you could relegate one Premier League team who would it be?

Tottenham Hotspurs

  1. If you were on the Titanic that also had Arsenal players on it, and you had access to take just one Arsenal player with on the last available life boat with you would you pick and why?

Santi Carzola.. the lightest and the smallest ..Wouldn’t rock the life boat much lol

  1. In one word, how would you describe your relationship with Arsenal.

Win Win

That is the much we could take, Thank you very much for visiting the page and sharing our Fanzone page. To feature on the page, YOU MUST BE A GOONER, obviously 🙂 , and follow us on Twitter @canoncrested. Hopefully, we should feature more folks in the coming weeks.

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