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Arsenal Fan of The Week – @lamzierouge

by SimonSEEZ

Howdy, this week we feature a top drawer Arsenal fan. Yes!! We don’t feature as many Goonerettes as we should and we would try our best to rectify that.

However, Olamide @lamzierouge love for the Gunners made certain it was only a matter of time before she featured on this page as her deep love and knowledge of the club reflected on her interactions across social media.

She describes her love for Arsenal as “Real” and this was evident as she currently holds the record for the fastest response we have received to Fanzone questions below. We received feedback in less than 3mins. Now if that is not love for the club, what is?

So let’s meet the @Lamzierouge , our featured Arsenal Fan of the Week


Q. When did you start supporting the club?
A. 2003

Q. What attracted you to the club?
A. Our style of play. Thierry Henri. Arsene too, he was an amazing manager, I doubt we could have been blessed with anyone better during the difficult times

Q. Who is your favourite all time Arsenal player?
A. Henri

Q. Who is your current favourite player in the team?
A. hmm tough one, Must I choose just one? I’ll go with Sanchez but gosh I love Ozil too.


Q. Your worst Arsenal signing?
A. Kallstrom

Q. If you could sign one player to join Arsenal who would it be? (_no Messi or Ronaldo)
A. Kun Aguero

Q. If you had one ticket to watch Arsenal against any other team which team would you pick?
A. Hahaha. Spurrrrrrrs!

Q. Your all time worst Arsenal game?
A. The 8-2 game against Manchester United.

Q. Your all-time favourite Arsenal game?
A. Arsenal V. AC Milan at San Siro. We won 2-0

Q. Your most memorable Arsenal goal?
A. Hmm gotta be between the Van Persie goal against Charlton and Bergkamp against Newcastle.

Q. Do you prefer individual goals or team worked goals?
A. Anyone is fine by me. As long as goals are being scored.

Q. If you could relegate one Premier League team who would it be?
A. Chelsea. No particular reason. Lol

Q. If you were on the Titanic that also had Arsenal players on it, and you had access to take just one Arsenal player with on the last available life boat with you would you pick and why?
A. Sanchez. Difficult to replace, it’s difficult to find a player with such intensity and passion for the game.

Q. In one word, how would you describe your relationship with Arsenal?
A. Real.

There you go, that is how much we could take. If you have any further “Arsenal Related ” questions only. Feel free to tweet at her, she is always willing to join in any Gooner related conversation.

We love to feature Arsenal fans here and all you have to do is simply interact with us on Twitter @canoncrested. Give us a follow we always follow back. If you are an Arsenal fan in Nigeria, support the site by shopping from our store for authentic Arsenal merchandise. CLICK HERE                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Twitter Post (1)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   

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