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Arsenal is Love – Arsenal,My Valentine

by SimonSEEZ

Arsenal is Love. Arsenal.
And the Love’s crest is The Canon.

Happy Valentines Day Gooners!!

What are you giving Arsenal this Valentine? You know, I did some serious research and found the popular JFK quote was actually made many years before an Arsenal legend. Which legend I cannot remember, that bit of the research I have left to you, but the words went like this

Think not of what joys Arsenal can bring you

but what joys you can bring for Arsenal.

Yes I know this quote in 2015 can end up in a ticket price debate but we are not getting that serious, in any case we all love The Arsenal and on this site every Valentines we host poems from Gooners that express how much they love the club we think about all through the week, first tweet any day Arsenal plays is #MatchDay, the club we love when we win and we are heart broken when we lose, we spend our hard earned cash on travel, ticket fees and TV Subscriptions, we adorn the jerseys and we sing loud and clear ….WE ARE ARSENAL, THE GREATEST TEAM THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN, we worship at the Emirates and the symbol is forever crested on our chest…The Arsenal Canon (kissed by many treacherous players, yet loved by all adoring fans)

Happy Valentines Gooners, Arsenal is our True love.

Enjoy the poems from in house Poet , @brainysteppo

Are You Still My Valentine?

  Arsenal; your name, appearance- numbs my nerves,
As you swing your prominent curves into liveliness.
And your struting walk, along the lane, provokes a song,
While you paint the scene, my yielding goes strong.

  Then you pull those Jackets, ribbons and strips over,
As you approach the marks and lines, to dance
Yourself into a goddess. Then your being,  members
In systematic romantic rhythms stiffens my assurance.

 Those proud beneficial minutes being inside of you,
With my body in full oscillations, once, repeated times;
Pouring down nitrogenous waters, amid the noises of whistles.
Got me committing: whispering, “for one is both, both are one in love”, with cries.

  Ever since, I’ve been yours and I know you are are mine,
Both of us, love made us one – we bad or fine.
Here again today, we two happy being together whilst we dine and wine,
Asks one another: Are you still my Valentine?

  Repentant Gooner (a sonnet)

  You shared your heart with me, even your body too,
Though I lied, moaned, broke and deceived you,
And never sought to mend, the knocks,  hurts, burns,
Overthrows, boos, deceits, falsehood and wrongs.

  You opened the  Grace to come in, yet I refused;
I continued to be ruled by something other than you.
Light, linkages and truth tried to stop me from error,
But my most abiding mind makes it all a wasted labour.

Yet Arsenal, you loved me, though I’m to another due
Captivated by selfishness and love professions that’s weak or untrue.
Still, your love is betrothed to me – like ever before,
And now, I would be glad being completely consumed by that love.

Take me, yet again, on this valentine; and I will never from you be free
Break down the barriers to ruling my heart entirely (as I’ve done), and imprison me.

Brainy Steppo [Emmanuel Akinboboye]

Hope you enjoyed the post, interact with us on Twitter on @brainysteppo or @canoncrested, if you fancy the comments sections below feel free. If you are an Arsenal Fan in Nigeria, support the site by shopping from our store. CLICK HERE to order.


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solomon erem February 14, 2015 - 10:54 am

wow, loved it, thats why is and will forever be my first love.

SimonSEEZ February 14, 2015 - 8:18 pm

Cool stuff. Thanks solomon

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