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Arsenal rubbish all talk of a power shift in North London

by SimonSEEZ

All the talk before the game against Sp*rs was about there was a power shift on and the shitty neighbours were now the dominant club in north London. All the talk. Literally all the pre-match talk was about that. No regard given to how abysmally poor Pochettino’s team have been away from home against the big teams. Or how it has been so long since they won away in a NLD. Nope. All everyone wanted to say was how Sp*rs were leagues ahead of us and were getting ready to eclipse us.

It wasn’t just that the away team’s victory seemed a forgone conclusion to journalists and commentators. Somehow, because this Sp*rs team seems to have been on the up for a few seasons, they have suddenly become the biggest club in their part of town. This being a team that has won nothing, achieved nothing, yet they are being praised for putting on the pressure. Smh.

It is bad enough when this way of thinking comes from people you expect to know better and be unbiased but when it comes from club legends, it becomes really befuddling. The same people who are meant to stand up for the club in the media, appear to take so much joy from bringing down the club that made them who they are.

Why are Sp*rs getting so much praise? Is it because they are traditionally seen as a small club, who have somehow managed to punch above their weight? Or is because they are seen as the antithesis to Arsenal Football Club, who have never been the darlings of the media? Not sure I know.

The match itself was so one-sided it barely deserves a match report. Even though both tense deployed an identical formation, with three centre backs and a lone forward, supported by two roving attacking midfielders cum wingers, the home team was heads and shoulders ahead throughout the match.

Pochettino’s men were out-thought, out-played, out-fought, out-kicked and out-tacticed by the Arsenal team and manager. Not one single player in Arsenal underperformed in the slightest. That they only scored two goals was down to their bad decision making in the final third and shoddy finishing. The match could have finished 5-0, 6-0 without even flattering the home team. They were that dominant.

The best team Sp*rs have had in decades was torn to shreds by one of the most out of form teams Monsieur Wenger has had to field in a while. The question on most fans’ minds is surely why can’t this team play like this every week. Simple. Because we can’t play Sp*rs every week, despite how much we want to.

Special mention must go to Mesut Ozil, who had a barnstorming performance. Apart from creating the first goal for Mustafi, the German was absolutely terrific. The Sp*rs players couldn’t just live with him, as he kept finding space between their lines to spread those terrific passes of his.

But Ozil can never win with some people. When he was taken off close to the end, one could clearly hear a match co-commentator asking why Ozil couldn’t play like this all the time. This coming to a player who has been roundly accused of being a flat track bully and not turning up against big teams. Now, he appears to be doing just that, the criticism has changed tack. Classic goalpost shifting.

Sp*rs might be getting all the plaudits but after this performance, there is not a lot to be worried about. We are only one point behind now and with a set of winnable fixtures ahead of us, it’s only a matter of time before we reel them in and they are back in our shadow where they truly belong.


Power shift my skinny black behind!!!

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