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Arsenal : The Journey so far

by SimonSEEZ

Not much going on Arsenal wise except we want to talk about our bad luck with injuries this season, why dwell on the evil when we can remember the good…So today we have a lovely poem-ish write up from an amazing Gooner you would read from more often on the site , Emmanuel Ibukun @BrainySteppo on twitter…..Enjoy!!

Arsenal: The Journey so far Inspired by Rascal Flatts.

Rascal Flatts

Rascal Flatts

We set out on a narrow way many years ago, after 2006.
Hoping we would find something more better along the broken roads,
But we got lost a time or two, lost titles in counts more than 6.
Still we kept pushing through and some signs were pointing us towards our goals.

All those long lost steps led us to where we are (top of the league).
Those who broke our hearts up till Robin are like Northern stars
Pointing us on our way into a bright today guarded by a Genius arms
This much I know is true, that despite survival blows and injuries
God blessed our plans, it led us straight to this (top of the league)

Thinking about the years we spent just passing through
We’ll like to have the time we lost and give it to our future too
We should continue to roar on, accomplishers of these tasks are few
What we see now is just part of a grander plan that is coming through. ….

Kudos to us fans for the wait and to Knight Arsene Wenger
This much I know is true, he led us through thick, he’ll deliver us into a future more brighter.

gooners singin

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