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Arsenal – The Marker has been laid

by SimonSEEZ

Certain you are in great mood reading this and why wouldn’t you be. All the ingredients for happiness are falling right into place. You are Alive and hopefully well, awesome reason to be happy.  Arsenal won a game, always a great reason to be happy.  Arsenal won a Shield and you know no one loves Shields like Arsenal fans, amazing reason to be happy. Arsene beat Maureen which makes Arsene happy and when he is happy we are all happy, so there is just a huge does of happiness to go around this week.

In some totally unrelated happiness, The Mrs was exceedingly happy that I found some time to watch a movie with her on Saturday. 9-5 has been crazy and I have been working on bringing several sections of the site up to speed for the new season so not a lot of free time. Anyways, central figure of the movie was an Amish girl. Her and her friends left the Amish community on a short vacation to Los Angeles and during the period she met a really nice young man and fell in love. She had already been betrothed from birth to marry someone else in her community and faced excommunication if she continued with the relationship.

Hold on a second, before you run off, I am somehow going to relate this movie to Arsenal 

Back to the story, she attempted to protect herself from falling for this Los Angeles fella, by stating severally before they went out on every date, “ we are doing this as friends only”. This went on and on and after two weeks, she gets pregnant, returns to her community, breaks up with the fella she was betrothed to, gets excommunicated from the community by her own father and then heads to live a life happily ever after with her new love.  Apologies, I did not really catch the name of the movie so I can’t share. However, if you fancy reading about the Amish community I have a link at the end of the post.

So how does this relate to Arsenal, just like the couple in the movie, everything they were doing initially was dismissed under the guise of “friends only”, same as everything we have recently achieved will be dismissed as “pre-season only” and to be honest, that is what it really is until it leads to real happy ever after kind of success, pregnant with possibilities that birth trophies. However, a quick rundown of what we have achieved so far shows that we have

  • Played 5 games since 15th of July.
  • Scored 15 goals in the process.
  • The 15 goals were scored by 9 different players.
  • 6 of the 15 goals were scored by midfielders.
  • We have conceded just once in that period.
  • Had 3 trophy lifting events.

Just like the Amish girl choose to ignore the early signs of her falling in love, it would be foolhardy for any EPL Team, Pundit or fan to dismiss what this team can achieve in the coming season on the basis of its only pre-season. While the trophies in themselves do not mean anything, the camaraderie it brings in the team is excellent. You can see it on the pitch and the pictures that follow after.

Replicating this pre-season form in the regular season certainly is an arduous task as opponents would be fitter and have more to play for. However, several keys aspects for improvements have been shown. We certainly could do with more clean sheets and we have the keeper and defense that can help us achieve that. We need to score more goals from midfield and Ozil, Cazorla and Ramsey have already shown they have the ability to contribute more.  Theo, Ox and Welbeck would also be setting for themselves higher goal scoring targets if they stay fit.

What I really love about this team is that you don’t look at it and go,” hei, look at our shiny new players and see how they have gelled” like Spurs, QPR and Liverpool always try to do. This team has the sprinkling of recently purchased talent and the backbone of years of hard work.

Against Chelsea we saw an Arsenal team that did not look underwhelmed by the more recent pedigree of their opponents. Simply put, we showed no respect and we earned the result on the day. More games would have to be played like this especially at tough grounds away from home.  To focus on the game a little, how the manager was going to go in attack was up for much discuss and I highlighted that also in my preview , Arsenal needs to lay a marker. The decision to go with Theo upfront was an interesting one.

It is in games like this that Theo needs to enforce his “play me as a center forward” desire and he did fairly well. I think to appreciate players, you need to know exactly what they are capable of and redefine your expectations of them on that basis. That is why I find it hard to relate to people that just summarize Per Metersacker’s game strictly on the basis of pace. Pace being largely a gift, you can be taught positioning on the field, game intelligence, how to use and conserve energy but I do not think you can turn someone who naturally isn’t blessed with pace to a speedstar. You have the gift or you don’t.

Back to redefining expectations of Theo Walcott, when we play him upfront I think we can expect a few things, he is not going to touch the ball a lot or contribute largely to interplay in midfield, defensive and offensive responsibilities aerially are limited so it is needless for Cech to bomb balls forward towards him from goal kicks because opposition defenders or midfielders will more often than not win it. What Theo brings however, is consciousness in the minds of defenders who know he will outpace them once a ball is put through, hence they would be less averse to going forward thereby leaving more space in the middle for our skillful midfielders to work. Also, should one on one chance with goal keepers arrive, Theo is the guy you want to be at the end of it.

All in all, it was a great game and it was nice to see Cech beat his former employers, was awesome to see Mourinho sad and let’s face it, Wenger walking past him was just as sweet as the victory itself. I am sure many journalists would be writing about being a bigger man and all but that is all bullshit. Like I tweeted just after the game, you cannot at every opportunity, abuse a man work, call a him a specialist in failure, dismiss his financial strategy, call him a voyeur, belittle all his achievements and then when he finally has one over you, you want to use the media attention to make it seem like you a bigger man. Fuck off to hell and back and fuck off again Jose Mourinho, you slimy cunt!!

Have a great day Gooners and enjoy your week. Amish Community: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Amish 

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EIE August 3, 2015 - 8:07 am

Wenger Out

SimonSEEZ August 3, 2015 - 8:12 am

Shocked he still has a job.

Ehi August 3, 2015 - 8:40 am

“Fuck off to hell and back….you slimy cunt!!!” Best line for Moanrinho

Talk about a good read. Thanks man. Chelsea guys hear making all excuses about not having a midfield which was in synergy…like I give to flying fucks about 10.


SimonSEEZ August 3, 2015 - 8:47 am

Best Team the world has even seen. 🙂 . I read also they are blaming their fitness level, when it comes down to it. Who really cares.

In unrelated matters, having my second child in a few months and his name will be Ehi, just like yours. HAHA!!

Iyke August 3, 2015 - 1:24 pm

Personally, I don’t subscribe to the name calling. That’s more of a Chelsea fan/Mourinho style. No need stooping to their level.

As regards the excuses of fitness levels, that’s crap. All the players lacked match sharpness so Mourinho shud not use fitness level as an excuse.

Also read somewhere abt him sayin Arsenal parked the bus. I wonder what match he was watching. They may have played better but haven’t we always played better than Chelsea and still lost? Mourinho is just a sore loser and it hurt him even more that he lost to wenger. If Mourinho could see the future and saw that he lost to wenger on the 2nd of August 2015 in the community shield, he wud have resigned on the 1st of August so as to avoid sayin he lost to wenger.

@Simon. Good to hear the good news. But I thot he was gonna b named after me. After all, I deserve it…..

SimonSEEZ August 3, 2015 - 1:43 pm

Trust me, I tried to keep it all in but the anger was deep seated. His vernal attacks on our manager and the club especially the needless ones in the last two weeks made him deserving of whatever he gets called.

Lol @ resigned on the 1st of August. My boss said exactly the same thing. With regards to naming, come back to us when you have those oil wells buddy 🙂

Engee August 3, 2015 - 1:24 pm

the title of the movie is ‘Expecting Amish’ …

and i still remember the effort i made to convince you to watch with me, Mr ‘I have work to do’ *side eye* I also picked the name “Ehi”

yeah yeah Love you too.

the Mrs…

SimonSEEZ August 3, 2015 - 1:44 pm

Haha… someone tweeted me the name of movie. Love you right back! 🙂

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