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Arsenal vs Chelsea Review: A fair point

by SimonSEEZ

Top of the day Gooners,

I’ve got just 30mins before work starts to write this, how much can we get in.

Judging from most of the reactions yesterday after the game you would think we lost. At some point I was confused as to the result myself and had to log off twitter because of the reaction to a draw against title contenders.

What were we really pissed about, the performance or the result. To be honest I didn’t see much difference between the two sides and the gulf in class that used to be so apparent seems to have disappeared. So we are pissed we didn’t win but a point against Chelsea whether home or away isn’t so much of a bad thing. Could we have won the game, yes. Could Chelsea have won it too? Definitely! To be fair they actually had the best chance of the night when Lampard hit the bar. It’s OK to have such high demands of our team but sometimes we need to take things into more perspective.

We are joint top at Christmas and our next five games are winnable, our toughest would be the trip to St. James Park during the weekend. At the start of the season all we wanted was to be competitive , not to fold up and lose the trophy in November like we have in the past few years and then start struggling for fourth place from February. Are we suffering from the high standards we are used to now?

The game in itself lacked some bite and both teams showed themselves too much respect and it was evident to see from the way the game went. Should we have been more adventurous against the top sides? To win the league we have to, against United, City and now Chelsea we were cautious, almost respectful and that comes I believe from the fact that we haven’t really won anything with this side. When you have players who have won Champions league and Premier League titles there is an air of confidence that it gives you and we currently lack that hence the lack of willingness to go all out against these teams. Can we correct it? Yes we can.

 On Vermaelen …………

Glad to see him back, he really isn’t a bad defender he just suffered from loss of form and his performances against United and Chelsea last night showed we have the best back up defender in the league. Show me a 3rd choice centre back that is better than him. It’s important the manager manages his expectations correctly. He has his chance to prove to the manager now that he can wear the band and play but the partnership between Kos and Per have proven overtime to be effective and to break that would be difficult.

On Giroud………….

Two of the most difficult jobs in the world right now has to be governing a country as diverse as Nigeria and defending Giroud. He doesn’t make it any easier and it’s now evident that we must sign a striker if we want to be in contention this season.  Aguero, Suarez, RVP, Ibrahimovic, Lewandoski, Cavani, Falcao 7 out of 10 times that chanced Giroud missed when the ball was floated to him on his favourite left foot and he didn’t even hit the target, these strikers would have the net rocking. These are strikers that win you titles and Giroud is sadly not in that class. I know we shouldn’t be making reference too much to Fantasy football but I play in a league dominated by Arsenal fans and I checked all their teams and not one person had Giroud in their forward line of 3 even after everyone removed Aguero due to injury. That just goes to say how much even Arsenal don’t trust him.

On substitutions

Should Wenger have made changes last night , maybe he should have but I can understand why he didn’t choose to. So we make three substitutions for the sake of changing the game and we bring on players who have energy to burn and hence run around and damage the shape the players currently on the pitch had. Whatever momentum had been forged on the pitch might have been affected by any change, I think Wenger resigned himself to a get a point and was more interested keeping what we had rather than go all out and lose it. Is it the right decision? I am not sure. Can I understand it? Definitely .Chelsea made 3 subs to what effect really? Did Schurrle, Oscar have any effect on the game?
Luiz had one nice header defending and that was it. Wenger brought us this far, we should really trust his judgement more.

On Ozil and Ramsey

They need to rest and this is where we suffer from Wilshere been out as one of the would have been afforded that opportunity against West Ham should he have been available .

On Mike Dean

Fuck Him

That’s all I can get in

Have a great day friends , If I made any errors forgive me. Not much time for editing and whatever you do this period if you drink don’t drive. Real Gooners don’t let other Gooners drive drunk. We need you alive to see us lift the league next year.

Merry Christmas friends, keep the Canon in your hearts

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