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Arsenal vs Fulham Preview: Berba audition?

by SimonSEEZ

Top of the day Gooners,

I saw a tweet once that said Gooners should greet each other every morning with the words Top of the League to you.  So while driving past an Arsenal fan you just slide down the window and scream ‘Top of the League to Ya buddy’!!! Hilarious stuff….so what do you tell a United Fan ‘7TH on the League to You’? or maybe a Spurs fan ‘ Cunt of the League to you” !!! now that one I can say to them all day every day!!

You see one of the problems of being an Arsenal fan in Nigeria aside the fact that you get reminded by everyone of how many years we have been barren is that there are not enough Spurs fans here to hate so when you see one you really do have to give them all the banter you have been stomaching for months. Was jugging with the wife a few weeks ago and this guy went past us in a complete Spurs jersey, shirt and shorts, a f****** FULL-KIT WANKER! and then we paced up behind him and started singing




You know you have married right when you have a wife that can join you in Spurs banter. Was the best feeling ever!!!

To more match related content before you sign out of my site, we host Fulham at the Emirates and games like these are just opportunities to hold on to what you have really. We should beat Fulham and expect that most of our challengers for title would too though if we learnt anything from the Villa game it’s that we have to kill games off as soon as we can. The pressure we suffered in the last 15mins is something we could have done without.

Fulham are a side sliding dangerously towards the bottom of the league and recruitment of Rene Muelensteen hasn’t seemed to change anything though we can agree he needs more time to put his stamp on the team. Conceding 11 goals and scoring 3 in their last 3 premier league games doesn’t bode well for their defensive abilities. All the news most likely would be about their star Berbatov as the media have heavily linked us with him during this window a report Wenger has denied in his press conference. It won’t be the first time we are playing against a player that we have been linked with in during the January window, last year it was Diame from West Ham and Demba Ba when we played them December of 2012 we won that game 7-3.

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We seat top of the league for a reason even though many have called us gatekeepers for Man City and its just more evident of the quality we have in the middle of the pitch that we are missing Ramsey and Rosicky and we are not as worried as we would have been a few seasons ago. The first leg of this fixture early on in the season saw us run away with a 1-3 victory and Podolski helped himself with a brace on the day. After angrily sitting out the game against Villa we would expect him to get some game time against Fulham and depending on how the manager intends to set up his team he might get a start. Really looking forward to that Podolski/Giroud partnership we saw to good effect a few times last season.

Our quality should be good enough to see out Fulham especially in the middle as Wilshere seems to be getting back to his best. He bossed the game at Villa and playing against Sidwell and Parker shouldn’t cause us that much trouble really when we have Ozil and Flamini/Arteta in there.

Prediction: Arsenal 4 – 0 Fulham

Speaking of Predictions we start our predictions league with this game and everyone is invited to play. Registration ends today so quickly run over to this page www.canoncrested.com/register and register to play, on completion you get a mail that would fill you in on all you need to know as per playing.

Hope you enjoyed the post, do have yourself a great day and at the end of the game hopefully we would still greet ‘Top of the league to ya’ when we run into Gooners in our neighbourhood.

Feel free to drop a comment on the game, the greeting, prediction league or anything Arsenal related. Comments section is beneath or you can just do it on twitter @canoncrested. We always follow back and always ready for an Arsenal chat.

Keep the Canons in your heart!! Cheers

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Temi maty January 18, 2014 - 10:39 am

Killing off games when d opportunity avails itsef should be our top priority!

SimonSEEZ January 18, 2014 - 10:58 am

Just like Man City my friend, Just like Man City. I wonder how many Cardiff would get today

Sir AbdulWasiu January 18, 2014 - 1:27 pm

Couldn’t agree less, we need to finish off our kills, to avoid any forms of resurrection.

I know the lads would learn a lot from the Villa game.

Am not expecting anything but a super win today. COYG.

And @ Simon *thumbs up* to you for the good work u are doing, hope u get to the promise land, amen. And am glad to be part of the Canoncrested family.

Keep it up mate.

SimonSEEZ January 18, 2014 - 1:30 pm

Thanks a lot Abdul.

Hopefully we can kill this as a contest early so we can all stretch our legs and enjoy the game. Welcome to the family buddy! #GooonerFamily

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