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@Arsenal : Will you be my Valentine?

by SimonSEEZ

Post by : Tobi Amoo

My Valentine 

 Oh my lovely Arsenal,

How I do love thee

Your delicate one-two touches

Never fail to bring a smile to me


Since I first saw you through the glass box

I have remained mesmerised by your beauty

Your love binds me as strong as the yoke of an ox

My passion for you runs so deeply


My family at first didn’t understand our fusing  

Then I helped my brothers come to love you

Now my father wants to know how you are doing

And my mother still asks after you


Remember when I first entered you, our first meeting

Though it was cold outside, you felt so warm

Even though we didn’t have a happy ending

We still had a good time, was so glad I came


We stuck together tighter than lovers

Through the good and the bad times

Even when you and I were separated by borders

We remained in touch, every week, right on time


Now I have moved close to your house

Late or early kickoff, we are going to wine and dine

Only one thing I ask of you, my spouse

Will you please be my Valentine?

Poem by @Tobiamoo .

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