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Arsene Wenger – I love my players

by SimonSEEZ

Wenger’s love for his players has always been known, most are quick to talk about him being a father figure. The question now is if the players love him back?  With the number of dissatisfied players currently at the club, it would not be out of place if love is not one of the first adjectives that would come to mind for Arsenal players if asked to describe their relationship with Arsene Wenger.

I would even go as far as to question if love should be used in a working environment. I’ll replace it with respect. Do the players respect Arsene Wenger?

  • Do they respect him because he has rights to select or drop them?
  • Do they respect him because they are in awe of his managerial abilities or
  • Do they respect him because of his previous records?

For most fans, our hope is that the second form of respect described above would be the case.

Respect, love, like, worship, admire, adore etc. Whatever the adjective players or coach decide to use to express themselves, we can only hope it translates to a real desire on the pitch to translate instructions passed from the bench to positive results on the board.  


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