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Arteta admits frustration at Saliba situation

by Koolkola

William Saliba came in with a lot of buzz, as the fans saw a great and young talent being secured by the club.

However, the club failed to register him in the Europa League squad and he has has to settle for U23 football and first team training.

According to Mikel Arteta, the club tried to loan out the defender so he could get more football. But it didn’t work out.

Speaking ahead of the Europa League fixture versus Molde, Arteta says he shares Saliba’s frustration with the situation.

Arteta said: “I’m fed up with the situation because as you could see, we tried to find a way in the last few days [of the transfer window] to give him some football.


“I explained that he needed that transition year when we decided to buy him and send him on loan to Saint-Etienne.


“For many reasons, that didn’t happen and he didn’t have that transition year.

“He needs to go through that and at the moment, with the amount of central defenders that we have in the team, we had to let him out of the squad which is painful.


“After that, we had some injuries and we could have used him but it’s part of this profession.”

The transfer market opens again in some weeks, and there will be another opportunity to get Saliba a club on loan.

However, Arteta wouldn’t be drawn on whether that would be the case:

“Well, I don’t know. We certainly tried in the last few days of the transfer window to find the right club and we had him.


“At the end of the day we could not make it and we will review the situation in the next few weeks and sit down with him as well and see what is the best thing to do. But it will depend on him and other players’ situations as well.”

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