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Arteta backs Hector Bellerin

by SimonSEEZ

Few players at Arsenal divide opinion as much as Hector Bellerin does, while he is one of the most appreciated players by the club given his very outspoken nature on climate change, mental health and a host other societal issues, a number of Arsenal fans feel his focus is not always 100% on his football. An opinion, the Arsenal player himself has addressed stating

I think as footballers we have a massive platform that we should be using way more than we actually are. I know it is very comfortable to just sit at home and stay with your family, your kids and your friends and not think about anything, but with the platform we have, we should be the people that scream at these social issues and out them out there, so as a society we can move forward

Bellerin is front and center of several initiatives by the club with the young fullback being the clubs representative to the PFA during conversations on how players would react to issues around Covid-19. He was selected as one of Arsenal’s five captains under previous manager Unai Emery and being a leader is an attribute the Arsenal player always felt he had stating earlier in the year

“People may not see me as this massive guy who shouts on the pitch all the time or what people may have as a captain in their heads, but there are so many different ways of leading a team.

After suffering an ACL tear in a game against Chelsea last season, Bellerin spent almost a year in recovery and has recently being integrated back into the team. His game, however, has failed to return to the quality that is expected for a player of his stature and many Arsenal fans have expressed dissatisfaction with his recent performances. It was no surprise however, the Mikel Arteta has come to the defence of his full-back stating

He’s had a lot of injuries in the past season that hasn’t allowed him to be very consistent, even in training and the games he’s played, when that happens, the level of consistency in performance always drops. But, you know, the effort he puts in, the commitment he’s shown to the club out of the players is always at the top and his performances can be improved.

Hector Bellerin has featured in all Arsenal games since the return of football and is expected to continue against Sheffield United in the FA Cup clash on Sunday. We wish Hector and Arsenal the best

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