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Arteta believes that current project is going to go bang

by Koolkola

Mikel Arteta has stated his belief in the current project, as he says that he believes his Arsenal project will go “bang” (in a good way) when he and his team have the opportunity to work in normal conditions again.

Mikel Arteta contracted Covid-19 a year ago and this sent English football into standby mode and the following months has to be behind-closed-doors. This all happened as teams struggled financially due to the pandemic. He has had to face all of these challenges during his young coaching career.

Results continue to be unstable but Mikel Arteta is confident that he has laid a solid foundations within the last year and this has placed the club in good stead for when lockdown restrictions ease.

“I could never imagine that when I got tested and I had the symptoms that – okay, I could be ill – but all the consequences of this virus on all of us.

“It’s been really challenging having the first job to do that. And after that having only been in the job for just three months in normal conditions to start to have a completely different context and framework to work in has been really challenging.

“At the same time, it’s made us as a club, much stronger. We have created a really strong group, a really strong bond with our players, with our fans, with our staff. That’s going to make a big difference.

“I think in the future when everything comes to normality and we’re able to work the way that’s needed to work with some stability, I think this project is going to go bang. This is where we are but sometimes it’s difficult to see those moments now. I’m sure of what we’re doing.”

We are put of the domestic competitions and we currently sit 10th place in the league. The Europa League looks like the clearest path to return to Europe.

The performance of the club has not been good enough and the boss knows this. He mentioned that the only way to convince people is by winning.

“You need to win to convince anybody that you’re doing a good job that the club is going in the right direction,” he said.

“If you are not inside every day and know exactly what is happening at the club, the only way to convince people outside the club is to win.

“It doesn’t matter how well you play and if you deserve to win every match. If you don’t win it, we are not going to convince you or any fan or supporter that we are doing a great job. It’s only about winning and that’s the only way to convince people.”

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