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Arteta doesn’t want victims but fighters

by Koolkola

Mikel Arteta responded to issues about dressing room unrest at the club during his press conference. He admitted the players are upset at the current run of form, and that it’s normal for tensions to run a bit high because of that.

The manager revealed that the players care, and are hurting due to the terrible form in the league.

There were reports about dressing room unrest. The manager admitted that there are some issues, but he links it to results, and says he is looking for the right kind of characters to show a positive response.

“The atmosphere are the club is as good as it can be when we are all hurting,” he said.


“Because results in the Premier League are hurting, everybody’s worried and everybody’s suffering at the moment because we want much more. We are working to get much more.


“In the dressing room when you are losing football matches, it’s difficult because they suffer as well because they care, because they want more, because the confidence levels start to go through … but the unity is there.


“Is it 100% unity around the club? It’s impossible in any club, even when you win because players that aren’t participating … it’s more difficult.”

The manager was asked how he responded to difficult times during his playing days, he said:

“I liked to look around me, whether it’s staff, coach, or players, and I want to see fighters.


“Normally when that happens you have two types of people: fighters and victims. You just need fighters, you don’t want any victims.


“Victims bring excuses, victims bring negativity, and they start to blame everything that is happening around them, or that is not going for them.


“What you need is just people who fight, people who contribute, and people who are willing to give everything to the cause in these moments.”

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