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Arteta eyes victory at Old Trafford

by Koolkola

We have lost three out of our last four EPL matches. Defeat against Liverpool, Leicester, and Manchester City has halted a good early run in the season.

The team visit Old Trafford on sunday, looking to win there since 2006. Mikel Arteta believes it is achievable, giving recent performances against top teams.

“We’ve done it [won games] against some big teams already, now we have to do it in a consistent way,” he said. 

“I’m not concerned about performances because, as you mentioned, you can see the trend and how we are evolving.


“It’s just those margins, how we manage the margins within the games and those game moments when we try to get wins and not lose those games.

“It was against Liverpool, we had two or three chances to do what they did, the same with Manchester City and the one against Leicester which was a different game because they approached the game in a really different way.


“But again, we will go to Old Trafford with the same mindset to go there and try to win the football match and improve. Every three or four days. We are in a process and hopefully we will be a more solid and ruthless team week in and week out.”

Arteta wants to win at Old Trafford and believes it can be done.

“It would be great,” he said.

“I think it’s been 14 years since Arsenal have won a Premier League game at United and, after the defeat like we had against Leicester last week, I think it’s the perfect scenario to go there and try to do that.


“Since I was in this country and was watching the Premier League, it (Manchester United v Arsenal) was the most exciting game probably of all season. As well as the rivalry between the two clubs at that moment, because they were constantly fighting with each other for the Premier League title.


“They were tense, emotional, it was passionate, some really good games and situations that occurred there.”

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