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Arteta hints at summer investment from KSE

by Koolkola
We won’t be In Europe next season and that is expected to affect our transfer kitty. Although players like Bellerin, Leno, Nketiah and Lacazette might move to provide funds for the club, but all the potential fee gained might not be enough to get the calibre of players the club needs.
“I think the owners are going to be really involved. I think they will be really supportive.”
The manager also stated that regardless of the poor performances this season, the club has an ongoing project that needs to be completed.
“We are in the middle,” he said. “We are not at the start or at the end, it is a process that we are in.
“It started a few months ago when we had changes of structure at the club, these changes were unprecedented and had not happened in the club’s long history.
“We have an incredible opportunity, I am so excited because I know what we can do with the size and resources we are going to have and the quality of people we have at the club.​​​​​
“It’s something we had to do, it’s happened already and it has to continue. It’s a difficult task because it does not provide the stability that is necessary.”
Arteta had earlier spoken about how some players have reached their ceiling and this is limiting the collective improvement of the squad, although he admitted it was his responsibility to that.
“Some of them can get to a certain level and you cannot push them any further,” he said.
“You want to evolve them but it’s not possible. That is my responsibility. That is my job. My job is to get 120 per cent out of every single player in our squad.
“With some of them I have not managed to do that.”

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