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Arteta praises “committed and focused” Tomiyasu

by Koolkola

Late on transfer deadline day, Sky Sports News’  pundits, Kayvee Solhekol and Dharmesh Sheth had a bit of a chuckle at Arsenal’s expense when the former read out an apparent message from a player agent about new right-back Takehiro Tomiyasu.

“I’ve just got a message to say: ‘Tomiyasu was offered to most clubs in the Premier League. He’s a good player but the problem is he’s not really a right-back, nor is he a central defender. I’m not sure how he will get on at Arsenal’.

“So that is from one of the agents who tried to find him a club.”


The general gist was,

“LOL at Arsenal, they don’t know what they’re doing” and it was greeted with wry smiles and laughter on screen from the pair.

It was all a bit pathetic, especially as Tomiyasu quite clearly had played in both positions for former club Bologna.

Anyway, two Tomi appearances (and clean sheets) later and Solhekol seems to have changed his tune. In today’s pre-north London derby press conference, he posed the following question to Mikel Arteta:

“Can I ask you about Takehiro Tomiyasu who has been so impressive, what have you made of his performances. He was obviously a player that Spurs were interested in signing this summer.”

You have to admire the straight bat he’s played there.

Arteta’s response:

“First, more than the performances, it’s the way he’s settled, the way he’s gained everybody’s appreciation, the way he is…and then, yeah, he had no time to prepare against Norwich and then a proper Premier League traditional game at Burnley where I think he was exceptional.

“He had to go through some difficult moments because they really test you but I think he did that with pride and who he is, always fully committed and focused.”

Sadly, the boss didn’t add anything else, but we suspect he might have been thinking,

“How do ya like them apples, Kaveh.”

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