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Arteta reveals new state of mind

by Koolkola

Mikel Arteta has revealed that he is always expecting bad news, giving the situation of things lately. This state of mind is influenced by the daily havoc that Covid-19 wrecks on football squads.

Mikel Arteta had to deal with a covid situation involving Kieran Tierney a while back, while he now has to deal with the absence of Mo El Neny and Sead Kolasinac for the same reason. He has also had to deal with Willian, after the Brazilian broke covid rules to visit Dubai.

When asked if being a manager is ‘all-consuming’ in his pre-Leeds press conference: “At the moment in the actual context [of Covid-19] it makes it that way.


“I feel so privileged to be where I am because I love so much what I do, I love to be sitting representing this football club and having the opportunity to spend time with these players and staff.

“But I think it is becoming a job where every time you are resolving issues and resolving problems. If you get shocked by that every day, then energy-wise it is very consuming.


“I come in now and I am expecting something to come in through the door and give me bad news and having to react quickly because I know it is coming right now.


“I try to prepare myself and my mood in the morning to say, ‘Okay, let’s see what we face today and let’s go for it.’”

It has been about 11 months since Mikel Arteta took charge. But he has since discovered that resilience is an important character to stay on the job.

“Absolutely, and how you bounce back, how you navigate through difficult moments and how convinced you are about what you are doing and at the end of the day, how you judge yourself on the decisions you make, and where those decisions are coming at the end from you. Is it a real feeling, do you do it for someone else, or for any other opinion, or do you think it is the right thing for the club, the players or the staff.”


“It’s not ideal but we need to go through this. We are learning every day about it and there’s not much that we as managers can do as well.”


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