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Arteta says he will have to earn a contract extension

by Koolkola

Mikel Arteta has being in charge of the club for over 300 days. The Spaniard has earned himself a lot of fans through his conduct and delivery of silverware.

The club was in a complicated situation when our former midfielder took over as coach, but his clear philosophy and playing style, along with his great player approach has helped steady the ship.

He was recently promoted to the role of manager and has taken up more responsibilities, while still agreeing to a paycut due to the pandemic.

He has two and half years left on his contract, but many feel he already deserves an extension.

Ahead of the premier league tie versus  Manchester City, Arteta was asked if he’d been given an improved contract alongside his title change.

He said: “No. It’s the way we’re moving our structure right now because we believed it was going to be more efficient. We made a lot of changes and we are still adapting.


“Things will evolve in the future even more regarding the needs that we have but we have a very clear idea of how we wanted to run the club and the right people that we need in every department to try to achieve what we are trying to do. We believe that was the right structure for us to work and move forward.”

Arteta also admitted that he doesn’t know if plans are already in place for ulan extension.

“I don’t know [if I’ll be offered an extension],” he said. “We just finished the transfer window at the moment, but I can say that I’m really happy at the club and that I feel valued, I feel respected and very supported at the moment.


“My concerns are with all the work we have to do here, with the improvement we need around the team and trying to sustain the level of performances and get better.”

When asked if he will like to stay beyond the two and a half years he has left on his current deal, he added:


“Yes, but I have to earn that. Now in football you have to earn it every week and things change really quickly, so we have to be on our toes.


“Obviously, it’s my responsibility to plan medium and long-term as well, but that’s with or without me.


“At the end, the time that I’m going to be at this football club will be related to how much I can move the club forward, improve the team and be a success on the pitch and get the values and the vision that I want to implement into this club as well off the pitch.”

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