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Bellerin: It takes time to build a new identity

by Koolkola

We lost 3-1 to Liverpool at Anfield in our third PL game of the season. We had enjoyed success twice consecutively playing the champions, until yesterday.

Hector Bellerin has been a regular in the team since he returned from injury. He spoke after the game, highlighting how it will take a while to build a new identity.

“Definitely, I think we are working really, really well,” he told Arsenal.com.

“I think when you build a new identity, a new way of playing football, it’s not something that happens overnight. It’s something that takes a lot of time, it takes losses, it takes wins, it takes a lot of learning.

“We’ve got new players that have come in this season and they need to get used to the system. So there’s many things but I think we can say that the fight that we put out today, in that sense I’m very proud of the boys and you know, we’ll look forward to the next game playing here.

“We know we’re working really, really well so we’re not going to let this affect us.”

Hector also spoke about how he feels good again after spending a long time on the sidelines.

“Yeah, I feel that coming back from my long-term injury was very difficult for me,” he said.

“I felt like once I was back, my knee felt okay but really my body in general wasn’t in the same place as it was pre-injury and I felt during lockdown I had the chance to focus on myself and do the dirty work, as you’d say.

“I’ve come back from it way stronger, I kept working through the summer and now I feel like I’m back to how I felt two minutes before that injury. So yeah, for me it feels good. But the most important thing is that the team is playing better and better every day and that’s what makes me happy.”

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