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Bellerin – Whatever the score, today we’re gutted

by Koolkola

Hector Bellerin captained the team in the intriguing Anfield loss yesterday. He feels gutted but is quick to take the positives from the night and move on.

Arsenal conceded five goals on the night but were also able to score five of their own in an end to end affair.

“It’s not easy to score five goals at Anfield,” said Bellerin.

“There’s not many teams that can say that they’ve done that. Sure, we conceded five, we conceded a penalty and Alex’s goal is one of those things that you just have to sit back and take it because there’s not much you can do about things like this.

“The tempo of the play, the goals, this is football. This is what you play football for, for nights like this.

“Whatever the score, today we’re gutted, but I’m sure there’s going to be nights that go in our favour.

“We’re not scared to play anyone, we’re not scared to play anywhere and as I said, there’s loads of positives to take.

“Loads of negatives as well, but this is part of the way and we’re looking on to the weekend now.”

The fans were also quick to point out the class act from our captain of the night when he gave his track suit to the cold mascot.

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