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Can you smell the trophy Arsenal is cooking?

by SimonSEEZ

Did you see how Mertesacker reacted to us scoring the third goal against Everton? I could go on and ask a few more did you see questions here like how Arteta held the badge after he slotted in his second penalty but that would be over stressing an already made point. Everything can be summarized in BFG’s reaction, at that point he knew it, we had sealed the win, we were not going to concede two, he knew it..it’s not like he is striker running whose focus would be I might get another goal here, his complete thoughts were now we have gotten this comfort there is no way on God’s earth is anyone getting two goals past me today, that’s all I saw from that celebration, you are free to interpret yours otherwise, but the BFG knew it, I saw it and I believed it. 


As fans we moan about how long we have not won a trophy and we long for a cup firstly for the feeling of victory and secondly to reply all the banter we have suffered for so many years. The truth is that if the latter is your real reason you want us to win a trophy then better get ready because it would just turn to ‘1 trophy in 9 years’ and the circle goes round until we win a few more.

With Vermaelen not getting games I sincerely think and as much as I would rather have him stay, it’s hard for anyone to think he would be around next season and without a doubt that opens up who will be the Captain debate and no one would wear that band more deservingly than Per Mertesacker. We think we feel pressure as fans, the players might earn all the huge sums of money but trust me they feel it just as well and Per’s celebration yesterday just goes to show you how much he and his team really want this. It’s for the same reason I think people who berated them for celebrating the champions league celebration last season after they pulled off that remarkable run of games to come fourth are failing to acknowledge the amount of heart, work and desire these players put in every week to achieve some level of success and at that time coming fourth was some form of success.

Only Flamini has ever won anything with Arsenal but it doesn’t mean the players currently at the club don’t feel the pressure of our barren years. Most of them join because of the quality of the Manager we have, the global nature of our brand and the successes we have had over the years with trophies and building real quality talent and when they settle in they see all the ingredients for success and it baffles them why the club has been so unsuccessful for so long. Every player that joins us in their first conference speaks about how they want to help the club bring back success. They feel the pressure just as much as we do and that’s why I believe they will win this FA CUP not just for us but for themselves too.

It was my son’s first birthday party, you really don’t want to know what I had to do to move it to Sunday because of the Arsenal game. It meant I didn’t get to watch the game but just when the draw was released it tweeted this..


Need more proof that prayer works? Don’t know what the odds were on Wigan pulling a victory at the Etihad against Man City but I am pretty sure anyone who placed a bet on them winning is smiling all the way to the bank now. City faltered and boy was I glad, there is no need pretending, meeting Man City was a draw if we all hoped we could avoid and now we have been presented with that opportunity would I rather remind myself of how giant killing Wigan are rather than bask in the euphoria of the demise of my greatest competitor ? How is that before we played Everton the popular saying was beat Everton and we just have Man City on our way to the trophy and now City is out we start reminding ourselves of losses to Bradford, Birmingham and BlackBurn? If it does you any good Wigan does not start with a ‘B’ which seems to the first letter of the names of the clubs that have knocked us out of cup competitions recently. No need to add Bayern to that list do we?

It’s an awesome time to be a Gooner and the team has made serious strides this season, we are not out of contention for the league title yet, we are going to Bayern to play on a ground folks like Spurs can only dream of and United would not be on next season, and top that all up with a dream trip to Wembley. There is no way I won’t be excited for this one, Arsenal can and should beat any of the three teams that are remaining in the competition even if we had to play all three of them.  I am not underrating our opponents and yes football has the ability to spring surprises but I support Arsenal Football Club, I am set to play Wigan and either of Hull or Sheffield United in the finals and I am expected to still be cautious with my optimism? I’m sorry I can’t.

Infact, we have just made reservations at an exclusive lounge in Ikeja, Lagos to watch the FA Cup finals with 5 readers of our blog. Should we get a sponsor the number might increase but for now it’s five so follow us for how to win one of those tickets to celebrate together. Sadly the fourth goal at the weekend meant that no one won our last competition to win cool Arsenal caps and a scarf from our friends form http://www.jerseynmore.com/ as the closest prediction was 3-1 victory for Arsenal so we would be running the competition again when we play Spurs at the weekend so you might want to check our game preview on Saturday for how to win yourself some prizes.

Guess that’s all for now. Have yourselves an awesome awesome week friends. There is so much to be thankful for right now. City failing, Spurs falling and Wembley coming!!!! Good times are here again.

#COYG Keep the Canons in your hearts..

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Uscar March 10, 2014 - 7:23 am

An the pick of the write up is… ” I cannot be cautious with my optimism”

SimonSEEZ March 10, 2014 - 9:52 am

Sure thing Uscar,

Can’t even contain myself

Temi matt March 10, 2014 - 9:12 am

I wont say nada till MAY…like i told u yesterday, i’m saving the F-word(s) till then!

SimonSEEZ March 10, 2014 - 10:53 am

🙂 …..keep the faith Temi

Dozie March 10, 2014 - 4:20 pm

FA cup is ours

Temi March 10, 2014 - 5:48 pm


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