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CanonCrested Arsenal Fan of the Week : T.N Okike @Enigma106

by SimonSEEZ

Its another Friday, and on Canoncrested we love Fridays as its another day we get to meet another Arsenal Fan. This week we have got a massive one, top Arsenal fan, top Arsenal Blogger, amazing Nigerian youth and reading his blog over the years I have lost count of how many awards he has been nominated for. Okike has dedicated a huge part of his life to his love The Arsenal, writing about the club he loves daily via his blog www.goonerdaily.wordpress.com . Honestly he runs the best sports blog in Nigeria and you could do yourself a favour by subscribing to his mailing list.  

Once you are done reading his responses to a few questions we asked him, please go vote for Gooner Daily in the best Sports blogs category. Click this link http://nigerianblogawards.com/vote2013.php to do so. It will take just a minute of your time, after three years of writing daily about Arsenal, he sure deserves to win don’t you think? 

Lets meet @Enigma106




I’m Anthony Okike, a Process Engineer working in a leading Oil and Gas company in Lagos. I love my Arsenal so much to the extent that I write a blog about the club, Gooner Daily, and I’ve been writing for three years.
I was honored to win the 2012 Nigerian Blog Awards as the Best Sports Blog in Nigeria and my blog was recently nominated for the Online Youth Achievement Awards, but the blog didn’t win that.


1.      When did you start supporting the club.
I started supporting Arsenal in the late 90’s. I vividly remember that it was during my secondary school days (I schooled in Kings College, Lagos)

2.      What attracted you to the club.

To be honest, I’ve always been a die-hard fan of Thierry Henry following his exploits in France 98. When he signed from Juventus, I followed the bandwagon to continue watching him.

3.      Who is your favourite all time Arsenal player

 Of course, Thierry Daniel Henry!! The one and only Igwe!

4.      Who is your current favourite player in the team

My current favorite player in the team is Olivier Giroud. He’s as handsome as me (-____-), he’s French, he scores goals, gives assists, works really hard for the team and his defensive work is top notch.

5.      Your worst Arsenal signing.

My worst Arsenal signing is Mikael Silvestre. When I heard that Arsenal was interested in a Manchester United player, I was livid. Then Wenger pops up and signs a calamitous defender while sending Phillippe Senderos out on loan. The nincumpoop even scored an own goal on his debut. #Legendary.

6.      If you had one ticket to watch Arsenal against any other team which team would you pick?

It would be against Barcelona. Both teams play brilliant technical football and they have a lot of flamboyant players. It would be a dream come true.

7.     Name your child after one Arsenal Player, who would it be?

8.      Your all time worst Arsenal game? 
My worst Arsenal game is undoubtedly the 8-2 drubbing in the hands of Manchester United. I’ve never been so ashamed of my team. My colleagues haunted me at work the next day.
9.    Your all time favourite Arsenal game?
I think it was the Carling Cup encounter against Reading that ended 7-5. That game had it all.

10.  Do you prefer to watch your Arsenal games alone or with people.

I always prefer to watch my Arsenal games in bars, pubs and other places I’d get to interact with fellow Gooners

11.  Do you prefer individual goals or team worked goals.

Team work goals are awesome. The Jack Wilshere’s goal against Norwich was perfect, but Carlos Vela’s goal against Bolton epitomised everything Arsenal stood for – technique, precision, class!!!!

12.  If you could relegate one Premier League team who would it be?

 It would be Tottenham.
There you go, that’s the much we can take. Do give him a follow on twitter @Enigma106 , sure is a top bloke and worth a follow. Remember to vote for his blog . Here is the link again http://nigerianblogawards.com/vote2013.php  . You can skip all the other categories and head right for the Best Sports section.
Have a great day guys. Follow us on Twitter @canoncrested and like our Facebook Page www.facebook.com/canoncrested . That’s all it takes to feature on this page. BEEN A GOONER SHOULD BE FUN!!

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Tony Okike November 29, 2013 - 1:06 am

Thanks Canon Crested.

I’m honored

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