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David Luiz believes this Arsenal team can achieve great things

by Koolkola

David Luiz is a defender with a wealth of experience in his locker. The defender moved across the city to join the club from rivals Chelsea in a transfer that shocked most people.

The defender had a solid debut at home to Burnley as the team ran out 2-1 winners on the afternoon. He spoke to the press about his burning desire to keep winning, and how much he thinks the team can achieve.

In life you have to believe,” said the 32-year-old. “If you don’t try things you are never going to know if you can do it or not.

“My philosophy on life is to be positive and to be a dreamer. But understand to dream is one thing and to achieve your dream you have a lot to do.

“I can dream and we can fight for something big. That is always going to be my speech to everyone – it is possible for us and everybody.

“It is up to the team, the team is going to dream more, the team is going to prepare better, understand the game and that is it.”

Luiz added: “I try to give what I have learnt from my life. I think you can give when you have something to do.

“I had many fantastic moments in my career and many titles and I just try to make them understand that everything is possible if you work hard and if you believe, are humble, keep your feet on the ground and take it step by step.”

He also touched on why he made the move to the club.

“I am a guy with ambition and that is why I moved,” said Luiz. “I could choose a comfortable zone and get money and be cool and that is it. But I like a new a challenge and new things in my life.

“This is what gives me oxygen and give me motivation and also to really enjoy this moment of my life.

“Everyone knows I was so happy in Chelsea and won many trophies there. I had a real honest conversation with Lamps and Lamps had different ideas for his plans for the year.

“So the best way for me to respect the club where I can was to move on and try to do a new challenge. And give him the opportunity to do his job.”

Luiz added: “One day football will finish and you have to try to do things and improve every day as one day I will miss football. I am trying to be first honest with my heart and honest in the way to try to feel new things.

“I am so happy here as since the first day I felt this welcome. This is a big club and I want to be here and see it shine – on the pitch and outside. This is what my motivation every day.

“That is why I left my family when I was 14 to try to do something around the world and I’m going to try and do my best here.”

Arsenal’s next game is against Liverpool away at Anfield. In a ground where the team has not had success in recent years, the fans will be hoping to do better this time around with the presence of an experienced player like David Luiz.


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