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Dear Ramsey, Everyone knew something had to change ..

by SimonSEEZ


It’s the same cycle. We go into a game badly prepared, as expected, execute the plan badly, lose badly, and then our hyper active social media drive commences with players pouring to social media to express how much they feel the pains fans feel.

I’m sorry Mesut Ozil, your Instagram post was really nice but what I want to see is you and your colleagues fight on the pitch for the fans that you claim you love. Arsenal players are well groomed and know how to say the perfect things, so Aaron coming out to say we are going to change something if we wanted to compete is as cliché as cliché gets.

We didn’t win the league last year so certainly if we were going to compete this year we certainly had to change. That realization did not just dawn on us after this loss, all Arsenal fans have known that since the end of last season. Gazidis stated last season would be a catalyst for change and what we have seen thus far is no different from what we have seen in the last decade at the club.

Change is needed, change is required for any meaningful improvement but if there is a club that is averse to changing its Arsenal and if the only constant thing at Arsenal is Arsene Wenger then the fingers point in one direction.


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