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Edu reveals how long Partey’s deal has been in the works

by Koolkola

Thomas Partey is an Arsenal player. But the deal to bring him to the club didn’t just happen all of a sudden, it has been in the works for quite a while.

Technical Director, Edu, explains how long this has been in the works and the amount of work that went into it.

“One day I would like to show the fans how we work, or how we worked because if you saw my plan six or seven months ago when I did it with Mikel, Thomas was there already,” he told Arsenal.com.


“So you see how many months we had to try to find the right player for the club.


“So many things to do, so many meetings, we had to see how we were going to buy the player, if we had the financial situation to buy the player, the legal process, the financial process, talk to the player, talk to the agent, so there are a lot of things around this but in the end we did it!”

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